In Room Kitchens & Kitchenettes

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In Room Kitchens & Kitchenettes

For those of you that tend to stay in villas or rent vacation homes, how much do you use the kitchen?
Which do you prefer to have a kitchenette or full kitchen facilities? When you have a kitchen do you make the effort to go back to the room more often so that you can eat? Which meals are you most likely to use the kitchen for?

For those of you that don't usually stay in a room with a kitchen, would a kitchenette in a standard style room make you more likely to book it?

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When my kids were younger we always stayed at the one or two bedroom suites (OKW or BWR), at a minimum we prepared them breakfast. Lunch and dinner were normally eaten in the parks. Smile

Now a days, oatmeal, cereal, and juice, just don't cut it! They want full service sit down breakfast! sad

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No no and no Wink I don't want to cook and clean up on vacation Wink we might get bread for toast in the mornings but that's pretty much it.


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I DO USE IT! The kitchenette, that is. Have not stayed in anything larger than a studio, YET. Ask me mid October. wink

Having a 9 Month and a 3 year old on our first DVC trip, the kitchenette was AWESOME! I packed Pop Tarts and cereal and was able to clean the things that the baby needed and leave them in the kitchenette, out of the way of the vanity.

Our next DVC trip they were 19 Months and 4 years old. Again, all kinds of snacks and toaster-able things were stored and made in the kitchenette. Sippy cups, you name it! Also makes a great place to clean out, and let dry, the refillable mugs.

Our next trip, we stayed at CBR, the girls were 22 Months and 4 1/2 years old. I was kind of lost without the kitchenette. The storage you get with it, while minimal, is storage. The vanity was TOTALLY crammed, even using the storage under the sinks.

I never knew just how convenient that the kitchenette actually is, until I did not have that convenience. Another bonus for my DVC resale pitch! laugh But this is something that I totally noticed during our 6 nights at CBR.

At the end of September we check into a 2 bedroom for the first time. I WILL NOT be cooking, except snacky things for the littles since our ADR's are sometimes a little crazy. Probably will still only use the toaster and the coffee pot.



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This will be our first stay at DVC and we are renting points so I can't really speak to that, but since we always buy the dining plan I've never thought we needed a kitchen. If I purchase the dining plan, I am not cooking. Smile

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This may be a money saving tip... We are not big users of the kitchens anymore, but we like to have some beverages (adult and otherwise), milk for our morning cups of tea, bread, cereal, water, snacks, etc. Instead of hitting a grocery store off property or paying a fortune at the hotel gift shop, we go the one of the Hess Gas Stations inside of WDW. The prices are very reasonable and they all have a good selection of beverages (adult and otherwise), milk, water, bread, cereal, and snacks.

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The grocery store right at the end of hotel row has a great selection of beers and also has a liquor store. They have just about anything you would ever need in there. We alway get some bottled water, 8 pack of diet Pepsi , and I'll get some good beer. They had a nice variety of local craft beers last time.

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We always have the full kitchen but usually only use the fridge and the sink


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RobynPrincess wrote:
No no and no Wink I don't want to cook and clean up on vacation Wink we might get bread for toast in the mornings but that's pretty much it.

Amen! biggrin



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LOL no cooking and cleaning! But it is convenient to have especially if your eyes are bigger than your stomach. All rooms have a fridge and you can request a microwave but they are available at food courts and quick service locations if you need to warm something up.



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