Scrappy & Mrhubs May 2014 trip

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Scrappy & Mrhubs May 2014 trip

yay clapping yay clapping
Today is the day we leave for our trip! We will be hitting the road in a few short hours. I told Mrhub I was going to do the trip report this trip because he really dropped the ball with our last one laugh . I did not do a pretrip report because we do not do very much planning. We leave today and so far this all we have planned; we will be checking into the Yacht Club tomorrow. We do know tomorrow evening will be spent in HS because we have an ADR at the Brown Derby for dinner. Sunday we will be moving to BLT. This will be our first stay in both of these resorts. BLT should be interesting. I am not crazy about the theme but even worse than that is my dislike for heights. I am hoping for a lower level floor while Mrhub is hoping for the top floor.

Our only other plans for this trip are our ADRs. They include, The Wave, Cape May Cafe, and Kona for breakfast. Our dinner ADRs are Brown Derby, California Grill, Yak & Yeti, Yachtsman, Fultons, Narcoossees, and Tonys. We did make FP+ selections for all but two of the days. Those we may or may not end up keeping.

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Hey! It's Disney Day!! And that means some dancing bananas!

banana banana banana

Have a great time guys! mickey

King Fergus

Have a magical time folks.. clapping

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Have a safe trip. Looking forward to hearing about it. clapping yay


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Have a good trip.

NHshorty and I will see you in Kona Cafe next Friday morning.


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How wonderful! I am sitting in the airport waiting to fly to TX - my pre-trip trip! Can't wait to be at WDW next week! Have a safe trip! clapping clapping clapping beach

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Have great one beach


Howdy Y'all
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clapping Disney day is awesome. Have a safe trip. Your doing the report but is Mr Hub still setting up cameras?


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YAY!! Have a great time. Wish we were joining you. yay

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Yahooooooooo...and have a very magical time.




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Have a safe and fabulous trip!! mickey


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Following you guys every step of the way! The weather here in Georgia is beautiful as you ride through - wave at me! mickey

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clapping clapping Disney Day!!! have a fab time!

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Have a great trip and have a fantastic time, say Hi! to Mickey for me.


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Have a great trip!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Safe travels and have a magical time!


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Yay for Disney Day!!! clapping yay clapping I'm excited to hear how your Fulton's experience goes. I know it was iffy for you the past couple of times. Have a safe trip and an excellent time!

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Whoo Hoo!!!! yay

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clapping Safe travels and have a great time!!

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Yay! Have a blast!

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It's always a great day when you get to go to Walt Disney World. Enjoy, safe travels, and of course we are all eagerly anticipating the video, photos, and trip report.

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Have fun!!! I will be waiting for a trip report. Can't wait to hear how Narcoossee's was. clapping

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Have a great time you two. Can't wait to watch your webcam shots.

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Safe travels, weather should be better for you yay


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yay yay yay have a great time! Safe travels! I look forward to hearing all about your trip. We have our first stay at BLT in October so I look forward to hearing what you think of it mickey

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I wish it was us. . . But so glad I get to live a trip through you two!!


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Have a safe trip! mickey

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clapping Yay for Disney Day!!! clapping

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Always excited about Disney day...even if it's not mine! Big smile

Have a magical trip, guys! mickey


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