Splitsville member night

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Splitsville member night

I'm curious if anyone has ever done DVC member night at Splitsville? if so, did you feel it was worth the $47 plus tax/pp? I tried to find some info from others online and only found one poster who felt it wasn't worth the cost.

Hubs and I are not avid bowlers but do enjoy it when we do go.

TIA mickey


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We have not done the Splitsville member night. I wouldn't mind checking it out, but DH is not a huge bowling fan, so it's hard for me to spend $94 for us to bowl when he probably won't even have fun. We would spend around the same amount retail to go to Disney Quest and there are things that both of us enjoy there, so that's a better option for us.


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Bringing this one back to life. My husband and I are going to Disney in January-our first trip as DVC members and our very first vacation without our 26 year old daughter! ( It's going to feel very strange without her). We're not doing any parks, so I thought the bowling night might be fun. Has anyone tried it yet? It's expensive, but dinner comes with it, so any reviews from you all?

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It's been on my "to-do" list for ages and we still haven't been. I'm interested in hearing about it too.


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