Stopping the Show

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Stopping the Show

I was taking pictures of the Dream along with Mickey show when suddenly the cast disappeared and a voice came over the loud speakers saying that the show was unable to continue and everyone should come back later. The crowd stood there for a moment confused, and wondering what to do, we all looked at each other and a guy across from me said "that's it?" I just shrugged and answered "I think somethings went wrong." I kept shooting close ups of the castle as the crowd started to dispurse, still slightly confused as to why the show had come to a sudden stop.

It took me a minute or two to run through a list in my head of what might be going on. Some serious clouds were starting to gather overheard, but I hadn't heard any thunder. Then suddenly two sets of pyrotechnics went off on stage and I about jumped out of my skin. I think that perhaps they didn't fire on cue and so the procedure is to stop the show for safety. I'm okay with this, fireworks can be really dangerous and with performers in some major costumes escape could be difficult in the event of a fire. None the less the crowd was pretty disappointed.

I didn't think much about this, until I was reading the article about the little boy who wanted to fight Darth Vader, and how his show was suddenly stopped in the middle as well. I have to wonder - does this happen often at Disney? My show was only a couple of days after the one he would have been at. I don't always stop to watch the daytime shows, so my experience in this in rather limited. Does Disney frequently stop shows in the middle and just say "Sorry, we're done! Come back later." What types of things cause Disney to bring shows to a stop?

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I have witnessed this happen too, but it has always been weather related. A few raindrops don't stop it, but if it gets a bit heavier, they do stop the castle show. Guess the dancers would slip - I can totally see that. And there is always that thunder thing.

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I have seen a World of Color show stop 1/2 way through... they announced "technical difficulties" and that the show would not continue for that day. I wonder how they deal with the folks who paid for reserved seating?

I work in audio/visual & special event production. There is always 1000 different things that could go wrong that aren't possible to troubleshoot in a timely manner.


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Fantasmic has been stopped at least once since May due to weather. It has been cancelled a couple times due to weather like heavy rain or lightning and thunder in the distance. CMs does their best to inform guests that Fantasmic is weather permitting if it's kind of rainy. Hyperspace Hoopla was cancelled a couple times during this year's Star Wars Weekends due to weather but they announced for the safety of the performers it has been cancelled. LMA has been stopped in the middle a couple weeks ago but that's because it was down pouring. Like a torrential down pour. I think lightning had hit studios that day too.

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It's not only rain and lightning, it's also the wind sometimes, as well. Last March when I was there, Illuminations was delayed for at least 10-15 minutes because of technical difficulties but there were so pretty high winds. It was cool breeze for me but not the case for the Illuminations. I was still be able to see the entire show in its entirety fortunately but winds can also be a factor.


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They stopped the fireworks like that on one of our recent trips. Said something like " sorry, but due to technical difficulties the show is over" about 10 minutes later, started up were it left off and that was it.