Table Service Dining with No Reservations

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Table Service Dining with No Reservations

I think just about everyone here is great at making 180 ADRs, but what are your best tips and tricks for table service dining without a reservation? Which restaurants have you had the best luck with getting in at the last minute? What would your advice be for someone who wants to eat at a table service establishment, but just isn't into reservations?

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We do this quite often. Smaller parties are easier, but we've had some luck with parties of 5 or 6 on occasion. Go at the beginning or end of seating (we shoot for 11am for lunch and 5-5:30 for dinner). We have consistent luck with Skippers Canteen, Marrakesh, Spice Road Table, Brown Derby, Tiffins, The Wave, Whispering Canyon, and Citrico's. I will also check the app for availability right before we want to head to a meal - it's surprising how often something good pops up.

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Totally what Scott said. The more you can avoid the high service times the more likely your chances.

We don't do much table service anymore but we also have had. pretty good luck with The Wave. And I like their food!

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Use the MDE app. You would be surprised what might be available. A few years ago we made a reservation at Fulton's (before it became Paddlefish) and walked in 15 minutes later.

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My suggestion would be trying a restaurant a resort. I was able to have lunch at Kona on a Saturday without a reservation.


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Check the app or website right at 24 hours before you want to dine. We have gotten California Grill several times doing that.

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Check at the restaurant in person also right when they open also because they usually save some seats for walk in's. We walked into Via Napoli for a late lunch when nothing was showing on the app. They also will not take same day reservations.