Transportation to Port Canaveral

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Transportation to Port Canaveral

How do you usually get to Port Canaveral? Limo? Disney Bus? Personal Car?

Do you arrive when you want to, or do you pay attention to your assigned Port Arrival Time?

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We'll be driving to Port after getting off the auto train when we get our cruise rescheduled (shooting for October). I hear they have a fairly new parking garage and it comes in around $75 for a 4 night cruise.


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We've always driven our car to the Port, dropped off our bags (left one of our party members with our documents) and proceeded to the parking garage (you'll need a credit card at the garage (memory does not fail me, it's automated)). Have some cash at the drop off curb/point for baggage tips (make sure your bags have the tags they mail you).

We normally try get to the Port as early as possible, proceed through boarding as fast as possible (passports, boarding documents, and photos biggrin ), so that we can get on the ship and explore, take pictures, have lunch, and just relax! We try to avoid the last minute rush/stressful situations yeah that we sometimes observe from the upper deck to shore sarcastic .

btw, they normally will have a very nice lunch spread as soon as (or shortly after) the commence of boarding! Your room will not be ready until later, and your luggage may not arrive your cabin until that evening/night, so carry what you will need (meds, etc.).


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We take DCL from a resort. We usually get there by 1230-1 so sometimes our cabins are ready. Then we head to cabanas for lunch.


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