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My older ds is autistic. Do you know if Uni has a GAC ? If so how does it work? THNX


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Yes they do and it's called the Attraction Assistance Pass. You can get one at Guest services. It works almost exactly the way the updated DAS card works at Disney World. My husband and I were just there a few weeks ago and I used the AAP. I have Rheumatiod Arthritis and require the DAS card at WDW so I got it at UNI too. I admit I was skeptical about how well Universal's AAP would work but I had a great experience with it and with all the CM's too. The CM's were very accommodating and helpful. They directed me to all the elevators and were very nice.

There are two differences between the DAS card and the AAP:
1. The AAP reduces the return time by 15 minutes and the DAS card reduces it by 10. For example, Gringott's was a 60 minute wait time so our return time was 45 minutes later.
2. At UNI, if you have a return time written on your AAP card but you find a ride that has a posted return time of 29 minutes or less, they let you on that ride too. Several times I had a ride written on the AAP that was a 40-60 minute return time, but we rode another ride while waiting for our return time. For my condition, this was tremendously helpful and a huge perk over the DAS card.

FYI, some of the rides are still a wait even with the AAP card. We waited 20-25 minutes for Minions, but the posted wait time was 80. Depending on where your son is on the Autism Spectrum, if he cannot wait in line for 10-15 minutes, this might be a problem at UNI. The AAP still got us in much faster, but it's not immediate access. Of course Disney no longer gives immediate access with the new DAS card either. I added a few pictures of my AAP so you can see what you'll be getting.

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