Unique things to have Autographed

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Unique things to have Autographed

Do you collect Character autographs? Do you have an autograph book or do you use something else?

I've seen people get autographs on t-shirts, pillow cases, picture matting, trading cards and in books! In fact, I've even seen someone have Mickey sign their body (I assumed it was to get tattooed on later, but who knows). What do you think of creative autograph hunting? Aside from a book - what would you like signed?

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Maybe something like a nice piece of stationary or something similar that you could frame. I think that might be cute.


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I've seen Mickey hands get signed and a blank Mickey vinlymation as well. I just use books. I've seen homemade books as well.

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I only did that as a kid and I used the autograph book. I wanted to do it on the cruise. If you give the front desk or whatever it's called on the cruise...something to sign, like a pillowcase, ALL the characters on the ship will sign it at some point and they will return it to your room the last night. Of course, I just got busy and forgot about it!