Do you plan for Special Events?

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Do you plan for Special Events?

When you pick the dates for you Disney vacations, do you factor is special seasonal events? Do you like special events, or are you pretty happy with just the basic WDW offerings?

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I have to make plans far in advance for vacations. I'm not always able to take advantage of Value seasons and deals.
My choices to visit are Food and Wine Festival, or During/after Thanksgiving week. I like late AUG, too.

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I'd rather go when the crowds are low than for a special event, I have to admit. Clearly this year I've planned around the runDisney weekends, which happen to coincide with MVMCP and MNSSHP, so I'm going to take advantage of it while I'm there. But normally, the first week of May or the week after Labor Day would be my preference.

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No, but not because I don't want to do F&W or MNSSHP. I'm not a heat person & know that if I went for F&W or for MNSSHP I'd be miserable because of the heat (not to mention the crowds) & not enjoy myself. I've been in December twice & done MVMCP both times. However, I love the late spring/early summer in the Seattle area weather & less crowds of late January/early February.

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Usually, my school schedule dictates when we travel.

We were lucky to visit WDW the first and second week of May in 2012 and 2013. One good thing out of that deployment!

I do have two weeks at Christmas so we may visit WDW during that time in 2014. Not really sure yet.

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Yes and no. I want to experience all different times at the World (besides summer...been there, done that, don't need to do it again). So last trip we did F&WF and MNSSHP. This next trip we're planning for early September for the low crowds. The following trip I'd like to do F&G. And I'd like to take my in-laws sometime for the Christmas festivities.

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So far the only special event we've planned for is the Food and Wine Festival. And we've planned for that a LOT - we usually end up at WDW during F&W.

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For the past few years, we have been booking during either the F&WF time or for the Christmas season as one of our trips. However, if we were only going once a year I think we would both agree January is our favorite time to go. We both enjoy the smaller crowds and cool weather.

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Last year it just worked out to be in October.......due to a free dining offer and vacation I already had on the books at work....this year we planned a December trip to enjoy Christmas festivities. Next time we might try late fall or the end of January...we don't do heat! beach