Useful tips for first timers in October ..

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Useful tips for first timers in October ..

Hi everyone...Well last year was our first trip in October, all others were in July, and although we planned and researched for months, I still made a fatal mistake..I booked an ADR at VN in Epcot on a Saturday night.. eek I forgot how i had read about staying clear of Epcot at the weekend due to F&W festival ...So when we emerged from the pizza palace at around 9.30pm..It was pandemonium ...I've never seen crowds like that in WDW..It put our July 4th to sleep...I reckon it took us 30 minutes to squeeze out of the park...So I have friends who are going this year for their first visit, staying onsite, and i told them about avoiding Epcot at the weekend during the Foodie festival ..Is there any other tips you would advise for first timers staying onsite, especially in October.?..

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If they have a park hopper, I like going to MK on the party days. It seems to keep some of the crowds away due to the fact that people know they will get kicked out early if they do not have the hard ticket. We stay in MK until about 3 and then move onto another park.


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Be sure to take jackets for night time, while it will be super warm during the day it can be really cool around world showcase at night when that wind picks up. I actually avoid Epcot past 4pm all weekends during Food & Wine Festival.

Alternatively re: Park hopping. If you don't want to add a park hoppers to your tickets, you can still hop over to the Magic Kingdom after 4pm with a MNSSHP ticket.

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Depending on when in October they plan on visiting - don't forget your ponchos! Late September and into early October is still pretty rainy some years, and not being prepared can leave you very wet. I know that two years in a row now someone in our party (myself included) has ended up with the sniffles due to a surprise downpour and then spending an hour inside an air conditioned building.

So a poncho and the light jacket that Kristen suggested above will save you much sniffling in the long run!


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