What things do you remember MOST about your FIRST visit?

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What things do you remember MOST about your FIRST visit?

My lovely wife says when she went to WDW as an eleven year old she recalls the Jungle Cruise, riding Space Mountain with her eyes closed the whole time, and Peter Pan's Flight. Anyone else?

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I had gone at a very young age and don't remember much of that, I do remember the next time I went and that is the first time I took Scrappy there. I had talked it up so much about going and she was so hesitant about going. When we walked under the train station and she got her first look at Main Street USA and the Castle, I could see in her eyes's she was hooked for life! I remember seeing that little kid in her come back to life and I see the same look in her eyes every time we go.

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The first time I went was way back in 1972. I was 8 years old. It was my parents, my 2 brothers, me, my godparents (Mom & Dad's best friends), and their son and daughter. I remember being absolutely enthralled with the ballroom scene in the Haunted Mansion. We loved The Country Bear Jamboree so much that we bought the album (yes, album) and played it non-stop at home. When I returned on my honeymoon in 1993, I still remembered all the songs! And, of course, I remember It's a Small World. Still one of my favorite rides.


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I was not a roller coaster rider, so Space Mountain was not on my to-do list and BTMR and Splash Mountain were still under construction. I was 8-years-old and the rides that stick out the most for me were Carousel of Progress, Horizons, and the Backlot Tour. I was really into the choose your own adventure books at the time, so Horizons was basically the greatest thing ever. I loved Carousel of Progress because it had a fun song and I enjoyed the story. Backlot Tour scared me about half to death. I was quite certain that our tram was really experiencing an earthquake and that we were about to be killed in the fire/flood.

I also liked the interactive games at the end of Imagination and I loved the World Showcase. I remember my mom and dad pointing out all of the topiaries and asking if we could cut our bushes at home into Mickey Mouses. I wasn't all that enamored with the castle and I really couldn't have cared less about meeting the characters. I did like Mickey's Birthday Land and I was really bummed when Toontown Fair went away. I can't wait to see the Disneyland version in March! I remember being petrified at the thought of having to go a submarine for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and being so grateful that it was closed! laugh


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I basically dragged my mom from Small World to the Carousel over and over while my brother and dad rode Haunted Mansion. I loved meeting the characters and getting autographs.

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Walking up towards the castle in DL in 1960. For a kid from small-town NW Ontario, this was heaven! And then we rode the Matterhorn bobsleds, and it got even better. biggrin



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Oh, I just can't remember back that far. wheelchair

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All I really remember was Epcot and trying things from each country. I honestly don't remember if we went to MK the first time we went..... wheelchair


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I fell in love with Main Street and it is still a happy place for me. I also remember the Swiss Family Tree House as being one of the coolest things I ever saw. I also loved both the Carousel of Progress and the Enchanted Tiki Room. I was so surprised by the detail of everything. Only Magic Kingdom and EPCOT were around for our first trip and I believe EPCOT was still pretty new. I really did enjoy Future World but even back then World Showcase did not hold my attention.

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I don't really remember a whole lot on my first trip. I was 2 years old at the time so not much I can really recall....


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My mil says she was really impressed by the luau at the Polynesian. She also has fond memories of the jungle cruise.

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I was 51 years old the first time I went to WDW, so I remember pretty much everything. Two memories from that first trip that I can sort out from all the memories I've gathered over the last several trips is Spaceship Earth still had Mickey's hand and magic wand and the word "Epcot" on top (it was gone when we returned two years later), and Cinderella's Castle was all done up special to celebrate Disneyland's 50th anniversary (also gone two years later). Oh, and DHS still had the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" game show, which I enjoyed much more than "American Idol Experience." And Expedition Everest was under construction. And The Seas pavilion was closed while they were doing the Nemo makeover. And Pirates of the Caribbean didn't have Captain Jack Sparrow yet.

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I was in 2nd grade my first trip and only Magic Kingdom was open. We were walking through the park and my mom and dad called my name, I stopped to see what they wanted and there was Mickey walking towards us.


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My mom and I went to wdw as part of a band trip to Florida. I loved the HS bands in the 3 o'clock parade. We camped out on main st to take in the parades and the electric parade was so magical.


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MrHub wrote:
I had gone at a very young age and don't remember much of that, I do remember the next time I went and that is the first time I took Scrappy there. I had talked it up so much about going and she was so hesitant about going. When we walked under the train station and she got her first look at Main Street USA and the Castle, I could see in her eyes's she was hooked for life! I remember seeing that little kid in her come back to life and I see the same look in her eyes every time we go.

yay I also have this memory!! I had talked up WDW to Kim and finally got her there. She was skeptical but. . . what happened on our first day at MK is EXACTLY LIKE THAT!! We walked under the station and that first look up Main Street, with the ragtime music playing. . . Kim stopped dead and with wonder on her face said "It's Hello Dolly!!" Right there, Hook, Line, and Sinker. I treasure that memory almost more than my own 'first' visit.

My memory? Main Street seemingly full of balloons, the smell of fresh popcorn, and the bright blue sky over the castle. Like some sort of perfect Disney Magic Postcard picture day. Everyday felt like that.


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My DH and I were already in our early 30's for our first trip to WDW. Neither of us had gone as children. I remember three things.
One, I will never forget the very first time I saw Cinderella's Castle from the end of Main Street. I am not, nor have I ever been, a "girly girl." But when I saw that Castle I almost involuntarily screamed with delight and did a twirl.
Two, neither or us could believe how big the parks were. We both thought all the parks were next door to each other and you just walked to each of them. eek We did NO research at all prior to going.
Three, I was so disappointed at how much we didn't get to do because I didn't prepare at all(We only went for the weekend) We spent so much time looking at maps and I didn't account for walking time at all.
I decided as soon as we got home that I would learn every single thing I could about WDW to make the most out of our WDW weekends. We almost have touring WDW down to a science now. It's almost 7 years later, we've had AP every year since and we go to WDW between 30-40 days a year~ and we LOVE every minute of each trip!

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I was just out of high school the first time I went and I knew nothing about Disney!
I remember the ride from the parking lot over to MK on the boat and thinking that
was the coolest way EVER to enter a park! And I remember also not "getting it" at
WS....but they did have free roaming characters then and I ran into Mickey Mouse.
I had heard from my cousins, who had gone every year to Disney, that Mickey was
hard to find in the parks-so I was so happy my first trip there I got a picture with him

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POTC, 20,000 Leagues under the sea, dole whip, and it's a small world.. And I do remember seeing a half built Epcot (The big ball) from the distance on the monorail. I was 11 at the time.. Took almost 30 years to get back, but have been going strong ever since.. yay awesome


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My first trip was also my children's first trip. We went to Disneyland. They were 11 and 7 at the time (in fact, we went as a birthday surprise for my DD). I had spent months planning the trip in absolute secrecy. They did not have even the slightest clue we were going away.

I woke them super early the day we left (I think it was 4:00am) and told them they were late for school and needed to rush to get ready. They saw the time, but I told them there was a power outtage the night before and all the clocks had stopped. biggrin The suitcases were already safely stowed in the car, so they thought we in fact were just driving to school.

When we arrived at the airport, I still didn't tell them where we were going. They didn't even know once we landed in Anaheim and got onto the Disneyland shuttle (I told them it had the Disney name on it as advertising). By the time we got onto the shuttle, the kids were exhausted.

The shuttle let us off at the Disneyland hotel, and I was so excited for the big reveal. "Ta-da! We are in DISNEYLAND!!!!" and the kids couldn't have cared less. They just looked at me blankly, sighed, and asked if we could go to our room. I was crushed!!!! sad I had been anticipating their excitement for months as I planned this trip, and I was so upset. I thought I had taken the secrecy thing too far.

The children sat down in the lobby to watch a movie, while I checked in. While they were sitting on the couch, Goofy crept up behind them without them realizing it for a few minutes. Then my DD looked over her shoulder, saw him, and shrieked! She finally realized that we actually were in Disneyland and what it all meant. All tiredness was forgotten as she dragged me off to the gift shop begging for an autograph book before Goofy left, and then we spend the rest of the day running around the Park.

My absolute best memory of that entire trip was hearing her shriek and laugh as she interacted with Goofy, and watching the comprehension dawn in her eyes. We really were in Disneyland!!! yay yay yay All the work and planning and early morning had been worth it. awesome

This time, however, just to be safe, the children have been involved in every aspect of planning this trip. laugh


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Princess cupcake, what a great story! I bet she remembers that!

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Awesome story, Princess Cupcake!

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1) The humidty that hit me when I got off the plane.

2) The only ride/show I remember is the Tiki Room - it made an impression one me - all the birds on the walls singing.

3) Can't remember the ride but while waiting in the queue - outside - one of the CMs actually fainted and hit her face on the cement. She came right to but all the CMs were young and no one really went to help her. I cannot even remember what happened next.

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We grew up about an hour from Disneyland. My parents took me in 1958 when I was 1 year old and I got a Mickey Mouse Club Membership Card. It has my name on it and the date and I still have it. I remember when we would get near the park and the Matterhorn mountain top would show in the distance and we'd get excited. We looked for it as people look for the castle. I remember having to decide on which E ticket ride to go on, using the perforated lettered tickets, and saving the unused tickets for our next trip. I used to get sick on the submarine ride, loved the monorail, loved the cars we could eventually drive. I liked the sky ride, hanging from cables (wish I knew what it was called) and was afraid of the bobsleds. Our high school senior trips were to Disneyland and I remember the dress code from that trip.

All my life when I tell someone my name is Mickey they ask how do I spell it. I say M-I-C-K-E-Y and they say M-O-U-S-, E, and I say no. Or I say Mickey, like the Mouse.
I've always loved Mickey Mouse, but don't remember doing the meet & greet with the characters. When I met him at our last WDW trip 2 years ago, I was in tears. I hugged him and said, "My name is Mickey also. This is my husband of 25 years, but I've always loved you." He was totally engaging, played along and I loved it. As I left him, I gave another hug and said, "I know you are a real person in there, but you have to realize how much you mean to so many people. Thank you."

Sorry this is so long, so many memories still coming to mind.


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Awesome old school story, an original mmc member! I remember watching Annette, Cubby and the gang on Saturday afternoons in the mid-70s. My wife went to wdw three times as a child and doesn't recall meeting any characters.

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As an adult back in 2001, the Tapestry of Nations parade at EPCOT. Everything about that trip was amazing and memorable, but watching that parade - people smiling, laughing, singing, clapping along - at one point, an older woman next to us raised up her hand as if to high five one of the giant puppets. And without hesitation, the CM manning a puppet directed its hand down to hers and high fives her! She was so thrilled.

I think that kinda was one of those moments where it all clicked and came together for me muchlove

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My first trip was in 1977 with my family. I remember my brother and I got our picture taken with Mickey in front of the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. And I always remember the monorail ride through the Contemporary - for some reason I thought that was the coolest thing.

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JanJ wrote:
... And I always remember the monorail ride through the Contemporary - for some reason I thought that was the coolest thing.

I enjoy the monorail ride through the Contemporary. Even in my late 40's, it's still pretty cool!


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When I was a wee lad my best friend and his family went to WDW every summer and they stayed at the Contemporary or the Polynesian. I recall he was pretty impressed with the 'monorail hotel'

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My first Disney experience was actually at Disneyland as an adult. We were at Snow White's Wishing Well and I was leaning over it listening to it sing when someone cleared their throat behind me and when I turned ... it was Snow White! No line forming yet or anything, she just walked up behind me, said "Hello" and we chatted and took a picture! That was when the Disney magic really took hold and I knew I was hooked for life.

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The first time I went to Disney World, I was 5 and remember going to Typhoon Lagoon on the lazy river, Jungle Cruise, and going on BTMR and crying the entire time as I was so scared. The first time I went to Disneyland, I was 6 and I remember the Alice in Wonderland ride and the Casey Jr. Train.


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My first time at Disney World was just 4 years ago, in April 2010 and at the age of 42. I was just amazed by the sheer size of the place. I guess what struck me the most was how clean everything is (impeccible landscaping) and how pleasant it is just to be there. And, little did I know how addictive it would become!