What is WDW like in June?

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What is WDW like in June?

Our family trip to Disney has been pushed now to June, ugh! Not really looking forward to the heat and crowds of summer. Trying to make the best of it because at least we are going. Has anyone gone in the middle of June? Is it a sauna? Are the crowds ridiculous? We are just going to Magic Kingdom. I guess to pick a day that is not an EMH?

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yep,been there and done MK lots in June and yep, it's HOT HOT HOT, and yep, the crowds can be horrific, sorry. You've got the right attitude, at least you get to come to MK. Lots of sunscreen and water, and plan some pool time and indoor attractions. Also good idea to check the emh. I'm sure you'll have a great time with your family. awesome



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I agree with everything Julie said! It is going to be HOT! Sunscreen, water and comfortable clothes/shoes are going to be your best friend. I couldn't agree more with including some pool time/indoor activities in your schedule. I don't have any children but as someone who grew up in Florida, I know that when my parents took me and my sister to the park, naps were never missed and we always went to the pool in the middle of the day. 1 to 4, maybe even 5p.m. is going to be the hottest part of the day so the last place you'll wanna be is in a never-ending line with smelly, sweaty people!

You will have a blast either way because it is Disney, after all! Enjoy!

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We've canceled out June Trip this year and rescheduled to next March. I must admit that I'm not sad to miss the heat and crowds that come with June!

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It's just plain HOT! HOT! HOT! & then it gets