Who Would You Rather Travel With?

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Who Would You Rather Travel With?

Over the years I've made many different types of Disney trips, and each one has had its own quirks and feel depending on who I was traveling with. Who do you travel with? Who do you refuse to travel with? Is vacation more fun with friends, or family?

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After our last family trip I said never again with MIL but I fear it may happen anyway. My favourite person to travel with is always Simon, I love sharing the trips with him muchlove This year we are taking my parents again, fingers crossed we are able to take their 2 foster kids with us! crossfingers


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Kristen K. wrote:
Over the years I've made many different types of Disney trips, and each one has had its own quirks and feel depending on who I was traveling with. Who do you travel with? Who do you refuse to travel with? Is vacation more fun with friends, or family?

Family trips and friend trips are totally different types of trips. Trips with our good friends are way less stressful ( and I mean way less, like non-existent!, Well, unless there is a hospital trip! crossfingers )

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Love to spend time with my DH. This October was our first wdw trip in four years for just us and it was awesome. I do like having family with us as in ten years these are the memories I'll cherish.


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Ohhh this is a tough one. I have done quite a few varied trips

Me and Joe
Me, Joe and Blondie
Girls only
Family AND friends

For one reason or another I would pick each of them. I am still hoping for that solo trip at some point in my life LOL

If I HAD to pick, I would say just the 3 of us, we laugh, sing, do silly stuff and just have fun together. We don't have any outside stress like work or school or chores to worry any of us. It is just us and DIsney! muchlove


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I've gone alone, with just hubby, with extended family, and with friends and I loved every trip.

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I have only traveled with the three of us (me, my husband and the little one) and then last year we went with my SIL and her family. I have to say I did not enjoy that as much. I like being able to do my own thing without waiting for a bigger group of people. This year we are going with friends, but we have already decided just to deal meals and shows together and then we are off on our own. Overall, I think just the three of us will remain my favorite way to travel though.


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We have done trips with us and the kids, friends, extended family and just the two of us. I love each for different reasons; however, my favorite way to travel is just me and the hubby. We do what we want, when we want and are just silly. No "responsibility" when we are alone! The last time we went on a trip with my MIL all she did was complain about the cost of everything and how much walking we had to do...don't really want to do that again.

On the other hand, as soon as our grandbaby is a little bit older I can't wait to take him to see Mickey!


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Great topic, Kristen! I'm kind of ambivalent about who I like to travel with. There's been something good in every trip I've taken with other people (besides just Benn and me) and yet it's always nice when it's just the two of us (or even just me)

August 2012 - All-Star Music with friends, I could do Disney with my friend Amanda over and over and over again. My friend Jordan, on the other hand, I don't think we should travel together any more. He's very laid back and couldn't understand my sense of urgency at getting up and moving each morning.

June 2013 - Offsite with co-workers, this was a work trip and I thoroughly enjoyed mayday in Magic Kingdom. My co-worker, Irina, has only lived in the US for 20 years and had never been to WDW. She loves Mickey Mouse and she is a lover of all things multicultural. Having an opportunity to ride It's a Small World with her on her first ride ever and seeing her meet Mickey Mouse is something I'll never forget and it makes me tear up a little bit when I think about it. We all had such a great time together. Our Disney-hating boss was absent from our Magic Kingdom day, but we spent the rest of the trip with her. She's a wonderful person who is full of great energy and vision, but she can be frustrating to travel with because she's not a planner. She's a very spontaneous person, so trying to pin her down to schedule activities and trying to adhere to a schedule are just things that don't happen with her. When I travel with her, I pack my patience and manage my expectations. I usually enjoy the trip, but I do get frustrated when I've made plans and she steamrolls them.

April 2014 - Boardwalk with mom & dad (and Benn) - I love traveling with my parents, but we have to choose our destinations carefully because my dad's ability to walk long distances is fading fast. Once we can finally convince him to accept help and use a scooter on vacation, we'll all have quite a good time traveling together again. We enjoy each others company and have similar enough vacationing styles.

May 2014 - Benn's aunt & cousin (and Benn) - Benn was very focused on making sure that his aunt had a good time and since she was using the wheelchair and I was perfectly happy to push (except after MK fireworks--oy!), no mid-day breaks were required. I found the lack of ability to operate on a schedule that included daily attendance at rope drop a little bit frustrating, but overall, it was a nice trip and she was so appreciative. It wouldn't take a lot of persuasion for me to do a similar trip in the future.

November 2015 - my bestie & my cousin - My cousin and I can travel reasonably harmoniously. My bestie on the other hand doesn't listen when plans are being made and then claims not to know what the plan is later and does not manage time well. Certainly she thinks that I overplay ever aspect of life. I love her to death, but we are not cut out to travel together. It's a shame because we both enjoy hanging out together, but we just have different styles of traveling and different preferences for the types of trips that we like to take.


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I've only been to DW with my DH and once with my Mom. I always like traveling with my DH, though it has taken us a few years to learn how to do it, get along and really enjoy what we would be both enjoy. We've got it down now and love to travel with each other. The trip with my mom was an absolute blast. We have taken lots of mini trips together over the years and we are great travel partners.
I'd love to find some travel friends in the future. Many years ago I went on a work trip to the west coast with a coworker and his wife. We had the BEST time. One of my favorite trips of all time. It was because of that trip that we became great friends and eventually I was in their wedding. They now have 4 small children so us traveling with them is out of the picture for a while. We need to find some travel friends.