Your Favourite 5 Counter Service Restaurants at WDW...

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Your Favourite 5 Counter Service Restaurants at WDW...

Happy Easter People...Here's one question to have you thinking real hard...If you had to pick one CS restaurant from each park including Downtown..What would be your choices.?...Here's my choices..MK...Columbia Harbour House...Epcot...Sunshine Seasons...DHS...Starring Rolls Cafe ( cupcake heaven ) ...AK....Flame Tree BBQ...Downtown Disney...WPE at market place with EOS a close second...Over to you...

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Unfortunately we hadn't learned enough about Disney food until recently so I don't have one. I'm hoping to find some winners next month. Wink

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For me it would be:

DTD - Earl of Sandwich, no question about that one.

AK - Yak and Yeti because that's the only one we've tried so far, being huge fans of Asian food.

DHS - Backlot Express, a recent find for us; I should pick ABC Commissary for the nice, healthy Asian salad, but DANG IT that bacon burger at Backlot Express was gooooooooood.

MK - I will pick Columbia Harbor House, but hubby would choose Sleepy Hollow for the chicken waffle sandwich.

Epcot - You're kidding, right? Choose just ONE at Epcot? My answer would depend on what I was in the mood for at the moment. The most I can do is eliminate any counter-service restaurant that only serves burgers, hot dogs, and fries.

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Epcot- boulangerie patisserie
AK- flame tree
Mk- cosmic rays

We are hoping to explore the mk counter service more this December.


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DTD: Earl of Sandwich
AK: Flame Tree BBQ
Epcot: Sunshine Seasons or Tangierine Cafe
MK: Be Our Guest lunch
HS: None come to mind....


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DTD~we've never eaten there eek
HS~Studio catering co(good, fresh chicken sandwich & fries)
MK~Cosmic Rays
Epcot~ Le Boulangerie patisserie
AK~Flame Tree BBQ

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Well, I'll try but DH and I don't always agree

AK - Flame Tree OR the picnic
MK-Cosmic Rays and want to try Harbour House
HS - Starring Rolls...the last time we were there ABC was terrible and since we stay only 1/2 day we do TS and go.
EPCOT - Sunshine (the one where you choose the options at different counters) or Rose and Crown (DH likes Fish and chips)

downtown - hmmmmm Puck's Express (DH wants to try the pub but never there at right time)


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Favorite hands down is Cosmic Rays at MK. The toppings bar for your burger is amazing. At Epcot I would have to pick either Sunshine Seasons or Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie. At AK Flame tree barbecue is great and at HS we like ABC commissary. We have never tried QS at DTD because we always end up at The House of Blues.

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Mine would be
MK- Pecos Bills or Cosmic Rays
AK-Flame tree BBQ
EP- Sunshine Seasons
HS- Pizza Planet
DTD- Earl of Sandwich or Wolfgang Puck Express

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MK - Golden Oak Outpost
AK - the kiosk near Africa that serves falafel and hummus
DHS - funnel cake w/ice cream - kiosk by Indiana Jones (it's a meal, people!)
Epcot - Germany for bratwurst
DD - Earl of Sandwich


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I like Liberty Square Market in MK for their awesome baked sweet potatoes!

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MK- Cosmic Rays
Epcot -Sunshine Seasons
AK -Flame Tree
DHS - Fairfax Faire


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DTD ~ Wolfgang Puck's Express (market place)
MK ~ Pinocchios Village Haus. The meatball sub is awesome. Peco's Bills very close 2nd.
DHS ~ abc Commissary. The Asian salad with chicken. Normally we go to Sci-Fi for lunch but occasionally abc suits fine.
AL ~ Yak and Yeti.
EP ~ Orange Blossom. I know that there are a lot of fine food places in EP, but the Pot Stickers are sooooo good.



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I'll wait till the end of today ( Sunday ) and put a table of the final results... clapping

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MK- cosmic rays
AK- going by photos flame tree BBQ
Epcot - Japan ( sorry I don't know the name)
DDT- earl of sandwich
DHS - writers stop

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MK- Cosmic Rays ... (very disappointed in you KF for not picking this waiting )
AK- Kusafari coffee shop (does this count) if not Resarauntasaurus
Epcot - sunshine seasons
HS - Backlot Express


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I personally wouldn't include anyplace that only sells pastries, desserts, and other sweets, but that's because I'm not a big fan of sweets so those places would never make my favorites list under any circumstances. If you could make a meal out of desserts, go ahead and list that sort of place.

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Well it's late Sunday night...Here are the results...In MK...Cosmic Ray wins hands down..(Cool votes...At DHS..It was a close thing..Backlot Express just edging it..At Epcot..Another massive vote for SS (6) votes..At AK..It was (Cool votes for Flame Tree winning outright..And finally at Downtown..A comprehensive win for EOS (Cool votes...Thanks all for giving in your votes..The only one I'am surprised was at MK..I think CHH is superb..But I'am going to have to visit Cosmic Rays another visit this year.

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well lets see I guess I would have to choose
mk- cosmic rays
epcot- rose and crown chip shop
hs- backlot express
ak- don't have one we usually go for breakfast and are gone before its time to eat again
dt- earl


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Oh I forget about Cosmic Rays! How silly of me! gaah They do have great burgers for CS though....


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OK I can't say for all of them, but I can for 2.
DTD is Earl Of Sandwich hands down!
MK I have to go with Gaston's Tavern in Fantasy Land! The pork shanks are awesome!!! awesome

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MK - Columbia Harbor House
AK - Flame Tree BBQ
DTD - EoS (are there other restaurants there?)
HS - ABC Commissary
EPCOT - La Cantina de San Angel (honorable mention for Les Halles, Kringla, and Sunshine)


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MK-Columbia Harbour House fir the salmon
Epcot-too many!!! Cannot choose one!
AK-Yak and Yeti for the honey chicken!
HS-Starring rolls for pastries
DD-Earl of Sandwich

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Mk: Be our Guest
EP: Sunshine Seasons
HS: at a push backlot express but I don't really like any there!
AK: Resaurantosaurus
DTD: Wolfgang Puck Express

also as a side note i have extras at MK and EPCOT but those ones are my fav.............I'm hungry now Sad

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MK - Pecos Bills
HS - Backlot Express
EPCOT - Sunshine Seasons Food Court
AK - Tak & Yeti
DTD - Earl of Sandwich


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MK - Columbia Harbour House
AK - Flame Tree BBQ
HS - Starring Rolls
Epcot - Katsura Grill

so hungry now!!


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MK - Pecos Bill or Columbia House
DTD - Puck Express
DS- Starring Rolls
AK - Flame Tree
Epcot - Boulangerie and Rose & Crown


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MK- Depends on my mood. I mostly eat at Casey's, Cosmics or Pecos.
DAK-Resaurantosaurus or Flame Tree
EC-Kringla Bakery (school bread is the best)
DHS-Backlot Express

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Epcot-gotta be Tangierine Cafe
DTD-Cookes of Dublin
MK-Columbia Harbor House
AK-Flame Tree
DTD again-Earl of Sandwich

I dont's have a favorite at DHS