Your Never Too Old To Discover The Magic..

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Your Never Too Old To Discover The Magic..

You know I am so envious when I read about people on here visiting WDW as a child and still going back..However it wasn't until 2004 and at the ripe young age of 51 that I landed in this land of magic..I should say that when in 2001 we visited my DW sister in Los Angeles for a three week vacation,we did spend a day at DL but to be honest,I can hardly remember anything about that day..So here's the thing..Am I the oldest member that has discovered WDW...Is there anyone out there that didn't make their first visit until they were in the other side of 50.?...Also another question..For those who visited as a child and now as an adult...Is the love and excitement still there...Or are you going thro the motions for your children ..?..

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Well the first time I went was when my children were 13 and 10 so that was over 30 years ago (when I was in my 30's). I have to say once I walked down Main Street and saw the Castle I have been in love with it ever since. So when I go now (usually me and my girlfriend) it is for me and me alone. Just want to keep that child in me alive. yay




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I have experience Disney as an adult and as a child and although I have wonderful memories as a child I have to be honest I enjoy it soooooooooooo much more now than I ever did I find it so much more exciting now and personally I believe I have much better experiences now!

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My parents took my brother and I when were teenagers. I was lucky enough to be a cast member on the college program, and since then I have gone every other year. I loved going to a Disney when I was young, and I love going there now. For the short time we are there on our vacations it allows me to escape the world and feel like a kid again. When I go with my brother and his family it is great to see both of my nephew's faces when we first arrive. When I take my girlfriend in June I hope that she falls in love with Disney like I have, and when we have our children I plan on taking them to Disney as much as I can.


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My DH's first trip wasn't until last August and he 52 years young. It is my full intention that now that he has experienced the magic that we go back at least once a year laugh

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My experience is similar to yours, Your Majesty; my first trip to WDW was in 2005 and I was 51. Now I'm making up for lost time.

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I went to Disney my first time in 1973 when I was 15. I went back 15 years later and then not again until 2008 when I was 50 and then last year when I turned 55. I have made the decision to return every other year which means I will return in 2015.

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I went for the first time when I was freshmen in college and WDW was just Magic Kingdom and you parked right outside the actual park (where the lake is now). It was a one day flurry and then not again until 2002 on choir trip. AK was in it's first year I believe, and I was not impressed with Disney MGM ( DH's former name) and AK, and since they performed at Epcot, the visit there was brief but fun. Another choir trip later was a lot better, especially for AK, and then that summer with DH ALONE and it was a BLAST. Every two years since! yay


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I've definitely grown to appreciate the park as I got older. Even though I'm only 23, I don't see WDW as just a theme park. There's a deeper meaning behind it. I don't exactly much recollections of going Disney when I was young, which in turn, motivated me to do two trips after my high school graduation trip in 2009 so far. I guess simply put, the trips I do as an adult are the trips I wish I could've experienced at a younger age while at the same time, I'm also making a new trip with new experiences and new memories. I sound like a broken record, I know, but my parents were not really Disney fans and only booked one designated trip for me and my siblings.


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My first visit was when I was in the second grade (I'll be 29 on Saturday). I've been obsessed with it ever since biggrin

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I have been enjoying Disney since I was a kid but the DH didn't discover the magic till he was 33. I dragged him there the first time not knowing if he would even like it. Well 15 years later and Disney is our yearly trip!