Your perfect Disney Day

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Your perfect Disney Day

Got this idea from another group. If you were to wake up at Disney tomorrow, what park would you go to and what five things would be on your list to do?

After much deliberation, I've picked Epcot. My five things are:

1. Figment
2. Hang out at the France pavilion with Belle
3. Food at Sunshine Seasons
4. Tea with Mulan at the China Pavilion
5. Get a margarita and watch the fireworks

DH picked Hollywood Studios. His five things are:

1. Tower of Terror
2. Star Tours
3. Food at Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre
4. Indiana Jones (because he hasn't done that yet)
5. Fantasmic

I'd love to hear all your perfect Disney day ideas.

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I would pick MK and my 5 must do's are:
1. Pirates
2. Haunted Mansion
3. Lunch at Be Our Guest
4. Splash Mountain
5. Celebrate the Magic & Wishes

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Can I park hop??? LOL

I am going to be the one different person of the group and I've only seen 3 lists.

I'm going to pick Animal Kingdom!
1. Safari
2. Festival of the Lion King
3. Dance in the streets of Africa
5. Yak and Yeti for dinner, dessert and drinks


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1 sleep in at BCV
2 late morning and afternoon at SAB with lunch at Beaches and Cream
3 dinner at Yachtsman
4 walk over to watch Illuminations
5 close out the night at Jelly Rolls


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I would be hitting DHS

1) do the 1st drawing class
2) TSM (fast pass of course)
3) ToT
4) eat at Prime Time
5) another drawing class

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I would go to DHS and arrive before MEMH started so I could be at the front of the line. Then I would ride Toy Story Mania five times. After that I'd park hop somewhere else.

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Tough..very tough. It's late in the day but if I could start from the AM I would pick MK and it would involve:
1.) Splash Mountain
2.) Haunted Mansion
3.) Lunch at Pecos Bill
4.) Pirates of the Caribbean
5.) Celebrate the Magic and then roam around during Wishes while listening to the music.


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I'm going to Hollywood Studios!
1. Tower of Terror
2. Star Tours
3. AoA drawing class
4. Toy Story Mania
5. Sci Fi Dine In Theater

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Boy this is tough. I walk around the parks a lot and then decide to do stuff. I usually set up fastpasses ahead of time, like if I'm going to DHS or Epcot for those top tier rides. Today was a pretty good day, I think I'll go with that.

Disney's Hollywood Studios
1. Frozen Royal Welcome (both showings)
2. Toy Story Midway Mania
3. Trolley Car Cafe
4. Check in at the Hollywood Tower Hotel (twice)
5. Great Movie Ride or Frozen Sing-a-long (I can't choose between the two)

honorable mentions
6. Watch Citizens of Hollywood
7. Meet characters (today was Doc McStuffins and Jake)
8. Watch Olafs Summer Cool Down party

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I'm going to pick MK...

1. Peter Pan's Flight
2. Big Thunder Mountain
3. Jungle Cruise
4. Get a cream cheese pretzel from the Lunching Pad and hang out on Main Street listening to Jim at Casey's Corner and the Dapper Dans
5. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train


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After much consideration it would have to be a day at the Magic Kingdom and my 5 things to do would be.

5.Jungle cruise
4.Dinner at CRT
3.Wishes from the train station
2.Jungle cruise at night
1. Overnight in the Castle suite


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Not a hard decision for me at all. While I love all the parks, MK is definitely at the top of my list.

Top 5 Things:

1. Haunted Mansion
2. Peter Pan
3. PeopleMover
4. Splash Mountain
5. Wishes


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Mine would start in Epcot. In no particular order.
1. Spaceship Earth
2. Soarin
3. Eating at SS
4. Boat ride at The Land
5. Walking around WS before everything opens with my coffee

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Oh this is a hard one! But I have to choose MK.

1. Rope drop
2. Jungle cruise
3. Haunted Mansion
4. Peter Pan
5. Dole whip well watching Wishes

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I think I'd go to MK and do:

1. Haunted Mansion
2. Space Mountain
3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
4. 7 Dwarfs Mine Train
5. Dinner at Be Our Guest

A close runner-up would be DHS and:
1. Tower of Terror
2. Rock-N-Roller Coaster
3. Tower of Terror
4. Rock-N-Roller Coaster
5. Tower of Terror


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Test Track
Mission to Mars
Spaceship Earth
World Showcase wandering

Toy Story Mania
Star Tours
Rock'n'Roller Coaster
Indiana Jones (it never gets boring, no matter how many times I've seen it - and each time has been slightly different)


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Hmmm - MK for me!
1. Pirates
2. Splash Mountain
3. Big Thunder Mountain
4. Haunted Mansion
5. Wishes (no tall people blocking my view)


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I already had my perfect day in MK. Father's day 2011! We we're the first through the gates and after the welcome show straight over to see Rapunzel and Flynn. Rapunzel was late so my ds (only kid near the front of the line not upset) got to meet Flynn back in FL after walking over to the SITS he got to pull it out, the CM also tracked down a pin he was hunting for. Lunch at CP was wonderful and my ds did the conga line. We got on every ride in the park, stayed for Wishes. Father's day and my son's birthday celebration, it doesn't get much better!


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lolastardust wrote:
Got this idea from another group. If you were to wake up at Disney tomorrow, what park would you go to and what five things would be on your list to do?

After much deliberation, I've picked Epcot. My five things are:

1. Figment
2. Hang out at the France pavilion with Belle
3. Food at Sunshine Seasons
4. Tea with Mulan at the China Pavilion
5. Get a margarita and watch the fireworks

I'd love to hear all your perfect Disney day ideas.

I would go to the Magic Kingdom:
I would:
1) Ride Pirates of the Caribbean (yes, yes, I know it's closed right now, but we're just dreaming)
2) Eat Dole Whip
3) Ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
4) Take a Monorail Ride over to the Polynesian
5) Eat at OHana

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These are fab! MK would be my second choice after Epcot, and I'd do the following:

1. Peter Pan
2. Splash Mountain
3. Meet Tiana
4. Dinner at Be Our Guest
5. Wishes and EMH till late

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No brainier for me..MK all the way...What to do...Simples..Just go with the flow and take everything in my stride.. awesome

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Is Disneyland in California allowed for this because a trip to Disneyland has been overdue for me for a quite while. If so...

I'd be at Disneyland in Anaheim and I would

1. Ride Indiana Jones Temple of the Forbidden Eye
2. Get a Dole Whip
3. Ride Haunted Mansion and hopefully see the famous hatbox ghost
4. Get a corn dog from the famous Red Wagon
5. Meet Thor and Captain America (I've heard they moved their meet and greet spots outside of Innoventions last I checked.)

If it's Disney World exclusively, then I would be at Epcot

1. Ride Soarin'
2. Eat around the world at Epcot
3. Meet Belle in France
4. Spaceship Earth
5. Meet Aladdin and Jasmine over at Morocco.

Only reason why I didn't pick the Magic Kingdom was that there was no way I could only do five activities there! I can't!


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