37.1 Million Shares of Disney Stock registered to George Lucas

The Walt Disney Company has registered with the SEC that George Lucas is now the owner of 37.1 Million Shares of the company stock. This makes him the second-largest private shareholder of Disney stock, just behind the estate of late Disney Board member and Pixar Animation co-founder Steve Jobs.

This registration is a standard procedure that companies must file when a new offering of securities could become available to the public, and allows Lucas to divest his stock as a time of his choosing. However according to LucasFilm spokeswoman Lynne Hale, in an e- mail to Bloomberg's Rob Golum, "George Lucas currently has no plans to sell his Disney stock. This was a required filing in conjunction with the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney."

Though many media outlets are now predicting the sale of Lucas' 2.1% percent stake in the Disney Company, after some research I feel that it was largely due to a misunderstanding of the filing requirements. If Lucas' spokeswoman is to be believed then the major investment in the company is secure and shouldn't spook other shareholders. How do you feel about George Lucas owning so much of the Disney company? leave a comment and give us your thoughts!


Mandy wrote on Thu, 09/26/2013 - 00:33:

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If I were in his shoes, I would buy stock as well. I think it makes sense because he trusts The Walt Disney Company with his baby, Star Wars. I think it helps him to keep an eye on the films without being right there. I know that being a shareholder doesn't mean he can see anything going on but I think its a way for him to continue to be involved without being involved. It doesn't spook me away from being a shareholder. Actually I think it should encourage others to buy shares because that means he has faith in the company.

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