George Lucas


‘Captain EO’ Has Returned to Epcot

After being gone for a few months while its home theater was used for previews of Tomorrowland and Inside Out, Captain EO has returned to the Imagination Pavilion at Epcot. The attraction first returned to Epcot in 2010 and some wondered if the closure earlier this year was the end, but it seems that Captain EO is here to stay at least for a while longer.

The Walt Disney Company Announces 2015 Disney Legends

The Walt Disney Company has announced the 2015 Disney Legends and the honorees include George Lucas, composer Danny Elfman, and actress Susan Lucci. The Disney Legends Awards Ceremony takes place August 14 at the D23 Expo.

37.1 Million Shares of Disney Stock registered to George Lucas

The Walt Disney Company has registered with the SEC that George Lucas is now the owner of 37.1 Million Shares of the company stock. This makes him the second-largest private shareholder of Disney stock, just behind the estate of late Disney Board member and Pixar Animation co-founder Steve Jobs.