Below It All: Utilidors Of The Magic Kingdom

You may have heard that there is a tunnel system under Magic Kingdom. There is a tunnel system below the Magic Kingdom Park called the utilidors. Walt wanted the utilidors because when he opened Disneyland, he saw a cowboy walking in Tomorrowland and that wasn't what he wanted to happen. To help prevent that from happening in Magic Kingdom, he planned for the utilidors so cast members had a way to get to where they work without disrupting the story line in the different areas of the park.

Below It All: Utilidors of the Magic KingdomBelow It All: Utilidors of the Magic Kingdom

Walt wanted the utilidors to be built as the first floor of Magic Kingdom while the actual park is the second floor. The utilidors are the first floor of the park because it was built at ground level and not built into the ground like a basement would be to prevent flooding with Florida's high water table. Cast members use them to get around the park and for moving large quantities of merchandise and food around the park as well. There are many break rooms in the utilidors along with a cast cafeteria. There is also a room filled with all of the sounds of the park - like the howling of dogs from the Haunted Mansion. The utilidors have maps everywhere with a list of what stairwells go where and signs with arrows pointing you where to go for a certain land. Most of the traffic in the utilidors is mostly on foot but there are golf club carts that drive around to move heavy equipment and merchandise around. There are two emergency medical carts that respond to any emergency that there may be in the park as well.

Magic Kingdom Utilidor MapMagic Kingdom Utilidor Map

Magic Kingdom has the AVAC (automated vacuum collection) system which is where most of the trash cans in Magic Kingdom empty to. Next time you visit, note that most trash cans don't have bags because of this system. The trash is sucked away under the park, and the utilidors house the pipes for this system along with water pipes and other utilities as well. If you have ever wanted to see this for yourself, you can through a special tour that is offered.

Mickey and Minnie Stroll Beneath Their KingdomMickey and Minnie Stroll Beneath Their Kingdom

Disney also offers a 'Keys to the Kingdom' tour where guests can get a small glimpse of the utilidors and be welcomed backstage to see what it's like to be a cast member for a small amount of time. Because the utilidors house the entertainment base along with entertainment costuming and make up, all participants in the tour must be at least 16 years of age with a valid photo id. The tour costs $79 per adult and includes a lunch entree at Columbia Harbour House.

You can schedule a tour by calling (407) WDW-TOUR or (407) 939-8687.

Thanks so much to guest blogger Mandy for a peek behind the scenes at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom! You can find more of Mandy's Disney adventures chatting with her over on our member forums! Tour pricing correct at time of publication but as with all things Disney is subject to change. Source

JayA wrote on Sat, 02/08/2014 - 12:11:

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The price is a bit steep, but nobody knows how to price against what people will pay better than Disney. Price aside, my wife and I took the tour and it was very interesting. We enjoyed every moment of it. They use headsets that are quite comfortable and make hearing the guide very easy. If you can afford it, do it. You won't be disappointed.

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