Details Released for the Na’vi River Journey at Pandora - The World of Avatar

The Na'vi River Journey is one of two new attractions opening May 27 at Pandora - The World of Avatar in Disney's Animal Kingdom. This family-friendly attraction takes guests on a "river journey unlike any other."

The Na'vi River Journey at Pandora - The World of AvatarThe Na'vi River Journey at Pandora - The World of Avatar

Upon arriving "on" Pandora, guests see the floating mountains and a "towering totem" that pays homage to the Shaman of Songs. The totem was woven by the Na'vi and "celebrates the shaman's deep connection to the life force of Pandora."

At the attraction guests will board reed boats and are quickly granted passage by a Na'vi warrior. The journey takes guests into a bioluminescent rainforest and into a jungle full of native plants and creatures.

Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde explains the attraction: "Na'vi River Journey is a very sweet, lyrical adventure through a spectacular visual environment that just becomes more and more spectacular as you go on. The bioluminescent activity of the plants around you unfolds in richer and richer scenes in really just a very uplifting, wonderful kind of journey."

Near the end of the attraction guests will encounter the nearly 10-foot-tall Shaman of Songs.

The Na'vi River Journey is about four and a half minutes long and FastPass+ is available for the attraction.

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