Disney Denies Claims Presented in Americans with Disabilities Act Lawsuit

Disney has filed a response to the lawsuit filed in April by 16 families who said the theme parks' Disability Access Service violates the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

In the original lawsuit, the families of 16 children and young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities alleged that the new Disability Access Service is unsuited to the needs of guests with special needs.

The lawsuit stated that the new system resulted in long waits for rides and the plaintiffs alleged this resulted in "meltdown behaviors." The suit also alleged that the parks' cast members "robotic" way of dealing with guests resulted in a breach of contract and emotional distress.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages, injunctive relief, and declaratory relief.

Disney's response calls for a dismissal of the federal lawsuit and denies the allegations presented in the suit.

The document filed by The Walt Disney Company states: "Disney specifically denies...that the DAS system is in any way deficient in providing the level of accommodation required by law."

A lawyer for the plaintiffs said he expected Disney to deny the allegations and he still expects the case to go to trial in 2015.


JayA wrote on Wed, 07/30/2014 - 23:57:

JayA's picture

I and my wife have had the opportunity to avail ourselves of Disney World's response to ADA requirements. We found them to be nothing short of cheerfully accommodating of our handicaps for which we were openly thankful. It is arrogant to expect that Disney can be 100% responsible for relieving every possible combination of difficulty presented of any inconvenience while managing the population of a medium sized city every day. We also must consider the "non handicapped" that are inconvenienced every time those of us with difficulty are attended to. I can not ride Space Mountain because of the pain I experience. I have to realize that I have limitations. I do not believe Disney 'owes' me a redesign of the ride or a large payout of money because of MY weakness. Disney does what they can and more than they have to. I, for one, am appreciative and grateful.

Kristen K. wrote on Sun, 08/03/2014 - 16:31:

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Very well put Jay. I also deal with personal disabilities and many times there are things that I simply can not do. It's not Disney's job to only make rides that I can enjoy, I also have to take personal responsibility for recognizing my own limits.

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