Lunch At Pepe by José Andrés In Disney Springs

Previously we brought you the Walt Disney World for Grown-ups team's first thoughts about the new Spanish restaurant at Disney Springs Jaleo by Jose Andres. If the delicious cuisine sounded right up your ally but if you're looking for something faster that still has all the flavor give Pepe by Jose Andres a try instead.

Lunch At Pepe by Jose Andres In Disney SpringsLunch At Pepe by Jose Andres In Disney Springs

Nestled into the front corner of the same building as Jaleo, Pepe is the first brick-and mortar location of the chef Jose Andres' wildly popular Spanish food truck. A mobile hot-spot that's been feeding DC elite for more than six years.

According to Eater DC Ingredients were one of the main concerns with Pepe, says Andres: "I want good cheese not crappy cheese, good ham not crappy something and that's it."

That mindset carries through to the Walt Disney World location, where you can taste the quality in your first bite. The food may be simple to the eye, but it's a celebration in your mouth.

Pepe Makes Its Home In The Corner Of JaleoPepe Makes Its Home In The Corner Of Jaleo

Inside the Pepe's doors, guests are greeted by smiling staff behind a simple a counter with a display of sandwiches, salads, and bottled beverages. An LCD menu board lists what's available to try. Pepe offers a diverse menu of Spanish sandwiches, as well as Pepe's gazpacho and a variety of salads.

Many of Sandwich names are in Spanish, but there are descriptions in English and you should be able to work your way through it. I saw several people walk in and stare up at the board only to then leave confused. Don't be like those folks - take the time you need to order and you will be rewarded.

The Counter At Pepe Is Right In The DoorThe Counter At Pepe Is Right In The Door
Pepe Serves An Assortment Of Sandwiches And SaladsPepe Serves An Assortment Of Sandwiches And Salads
Pepe Gazpacho To GoPepe Gazpacho To Go

The interior seating area to the left of the counter is open and modern, with soaring ceilings and a beautiful mural of a blue woman with a look of bliss on her face as she prepares to eat a sandwich. The art is by Marc Jesus, a well known Menorcan painter (Menorca is one of Spain's Balearic islands in the Mediterranean Sea) known for "his ever-happy, blue-skinned female characters."

Off to the left of the counter there is a small part of Jaleo's seating that can be used by Pepe's customers. The Jaleo side is full of interesting architectural shapes and colors riff that off of the Spanish flag. A giant fantastical mural of a matador looms over the expansive bar.

Pepe Interior SeatingPepe Interior Seating
Jaleo's Matador BarJaleo's Matador Bar

I ordered the Pepito Ternera, which for all intents and purposes is Jose's version of a cheese steak. I'm a big fan of a classic cheese steak, so I figured that I wouldn't be venturing too far from my comfort zone. Not only was I in my comfort zone, but this was one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten.

The Pepito Ternera is made with medium cooked Flat Iron Steak, expertly caramelized onions, melty cheese, mayonnaise, and roasted green peppers. All of that is layered onto Pan de Cristal, which is a thin, crispy bread unique to Spain The quality of each ingredient shines through in the robust flavors that melt on your tongue.

Guests can order this as a 4" sandwich that could easily be shared by 2 people if you are just looking for a light meal. It can also be ordered as a 8" 1/2 sandwich, or the massive full 16" sandwich to share amongst your family and friends.

Lunch For One, Or TwoLunch For One, Or Two
Pepito Ternera Has Crisp Bread And Gooey CheesePepito Ternera Has Crisp Bread And Gooey Cheese
The Goodness That Is The Pepito TerneraThe Goodness That Is The Pepito Ternera

To go along with my sandwich I decided to get some chips, but I couldn't just go with any old chips after seeing the the Patatas Bravas on the Disney Food Blog. This version of the popular Spanish tapas comes in the form of a boat filled with the lightest, most crispy Potato Chips you have ever eaten, drizzled with bold tomato-based bravas sauce, and creamy garlic alioli.

According to the bag, Jose Andres Potato Chips are award winning chips and have been fried up in extra virgin olive oil. The flavors combined in this special little nibble are the very definition "can't eat just one." I wasn't so sure about having condiments on my potato chips, but the Patatas Bravas completely changed my mind.

Patatas Bravas - Potato Chips, Alioli, Brava SaucePatatas Bravas - Potato Chips, Alioli, Brava Sauce
Patatas Bravas Are So AddictivePatatas Bravas Are So Addictive

Let's talk about sangria! Oh come on - you knew that was coming. Pepe serves sells Jose Andres' wildly popular Spanish Sangria Roja. I'm pretty picky when it comes to sangria, and I'm not a fan of the pre-bottled variety that you can find at many Disney restaurants. This, is not that. This sangria is mixed on site. A combination of bright fruity flavors and sweet red wine this is honestly good sangria. Plus, it comes in the cutest little plastic wine glass, so you can stop in to grab one and take it with you.

Pepe's Sangria Is Refreshing And DeliciousPepe's Sangria Is Refreshing And Delicious

I will be honest, I wasn't sure I would like the food here, but it may very well have been the best thing I ate on my trip. The superior quality of the ingredients and talented way the flavors are put together show you right off the bat why Chef Jose Andres continues to receive the industry's highest honors.

Eat here. Just do it. Have the Pepito Ternera. You don't just have to take my word for it. Head on over to our friends at the Disney Food Blog and read their First Look and Review! The NEW Pepe by Chef Jose Andres at Jaleo in Disney Springs.

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