Spend Some Quality Time Exploring the Wonders and Beauty of the Morocco Pavilion

One of the most beautiful and intriguing pavilions in World Showcase is Morocco. But without a "major" attraction, it often suffers from lack of attention as guests rush past as they hurry to France or Japan on either side.

Morocco opened in 1984 and was the first "expansion" pavilion added to World Showcase after the park opened two years earlier. Three Moroccan cities are meant to be represented in the pavilion - Fez, Casablanca, and Marrakesh.

Exquisite Authentic Design by Moroccan ArtisansExquisite Authentic Design by Moroccan Artisans

The pavilion is unique because the design of it was guided by the King of Morocco to ensure that it was authentic. He sent Moroccan artists and designers to create and design many of the mosaics guests see in the pavilion. Guests might notice that the mosaics don't feature any live objects and this is because the Islamic religion forbids the artistic depiction of live objects. The artists use geometric patterns throughout the artwork in the pavilion.

There is a bit of trivia you should know about the pavilion - since the very top of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror can be from an angle behind the pavilion the top of that attraction was designed to blend in with the architecture of the pavilion. Morocco is also the only pavilion to be entirely sponsored by a government.

Bab Boujouloud GateBab Boujouloud Gate

As lovely as the pavilion is on the outside, guests should definitely take time to walk through the gateway that leads into the bazaar area. And if you have some extra time in your day, consider taking the Treasures of Morocco tour, a 45-minute tour that is available throughout the day. You'll have a chance to learn about the people, culture, and history of Morocco.

Another touring tip for the pavilion is to take the time to stop in The Gallery of Arts and History where you will find displays of traditional jewelry, body art, and textiles. Traditional costumes are on display and you can also learn about the ritual of henna tattoos.

Within the Old CityWithin the Old City

The pavilion is actually divided into two sections - the Medina (old city) and the new city. The Bab Boujouloud Gate separates the two sections. One feature of the pavilion that guests can't miss is the Koutoubia Minaret which is actually a replica of the Koutoubia Mosque Minaret found in Marrakesh.

Inside the pavilion you'll find a unique selection of shops including The Brass Bazaar with handworked bowls and planters, the Berber Oasis selling baskets, jewelry, and brass items, Casablanca Carpets, Tangier Traders, and Marketplace in The Medina.

A Unique Selections of Shops in the BazarA Unique Selections of Shops in the Bazar

One of the best things about the pavilion is the food. The Tangierine Cafe is one of the best counter service locations in any of the four theme parks at Walt Disney World. The menu features shawarma, wraps, and platters in addition to tabouleh, hummus, lentil salad and falafel. Other incredibly items include the Moroccan Kefta Sandwich and the Mediterranean Sliders Combo. And for dessert you just have to try the Baklava.

If you're looking for a table service option, make sure you visit Restaurant Marrakesh where you can enjoy traditional Moroccan cuisine and live entertainment. Our friends at the Disney Food Blog have a nice review of the eats at Restaurant Marrakesh.

Exterior of Resturant MarrakeshExterior of Resturant Marrakesh

Later this year a third dining establishment is opening on the banks of the World Showcase Lagoon. The Spice Road Table Restaurant will feature authentic Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine, and diners can choose to sit on the terrace or indoors.

Entertainment in the Morocco pavilion includes MO'ROCKIN - a group of musicians who use modern and traditional instruments to create a blend of music from the Middle East, Africa, Spain, and America. Guests will find MO'ROCKIN performing at the lagoon side of the pavilion throughout the day. And fans of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine will find their meet-and-greet in a shaded oasis near the pavilion.

Morocco Waterside at SunsetMorocco Waterside at Sunset

Thanks so much to Traci C. for this great guest post. Next time you're wandering through World Showcase take some time to stop at Morocco. You might be surprised at what you'll find. Leave a comment and let us know what you love most about Morocco!

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This is honestly one of my favorite places in Epcot. I love the atmosphere and the exquisite details of the entire pavilion.

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