View Galactic Treasures At Star Wars Launch Bay

I've been meaning to write a post about Star Wars Launch Bay for quite awhile now, however there is so much great stuff packed into this space it was hard to know where to start. So - I'm going to let my camera do most of the talking on this one. I hope you enjoy this small peak into this intriguing Star Wars experience currently at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Star Wars Launch BayStar Wars Launch Bay

There are actually four great galleries to browse. As you wander along your'll discover replica props, models, costumes, concept artwork and artifacts all coming from the Star Wars films. Each one takes you on a self-guided tour of a different aspect of the Star Wars Saga.

  • Celebration Gallery
  • Preview Galley
  • Light Side Gallery
  • Dark Side Gallery

In addition to the galleries, while strolling the Launch Bay you can encounter Star Wars Characters, watch a 10 minute behind the scenes film in the Launch Bay Theater, and buy a few special things in Launch Bay Cargo for your own collection.

The first gallery we walked into was filled with costumes and models from the original Star Wars movies way back when. These time honored pieces of any Star Wars fans childhood fit well into the museum-like atmosphere of Launch Bay.

Launch Bay Displays Span The Star Wars TimelineLaunch Bay Displays Span The Star Wars Timeline
Costume And Prop Replicas Have Exquisite DetailCostume And Prop Replicas Have Exquisite Detail
Pod Racer Used In FilmingPod Racer Used In Filming

Each one of the galleries is truly packed with treasures, and around each corner there is only more to discover. On my visit I had been sent on a mission from my daughter to get pictures of BB-8. So here are some glamour shots of everyones favorite little driod.

Rey's Speeder And Replica BB-8Rey's Speeder And Replica BB-8
BB-8 Is A Fan FavoriteBB-8 Is A Fan Favorite

Launch Bay is the place to go for Star Wars Meet and Greets. Guests here can queue up to meet Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, and just added recently guests can meet BB-8 up close and personal. The best part about the queues in Launch Bay - they are lined with some pretty great distractions - display cases full of light sabers, and a wide range of Stromtrooper Helmets.

I've heard nothing but wonderful experiences with the Chewbacca and BB-8 so far, however I think that its worth mentioning that the Kylo Ren Meet and Greet is not the typical friendly Disney character encounter. Kylo Ren stays very much in character for these experiences, and while he's not throwing tantrums and smashing things, you can expect him to be pacing the room in an agitated manner, and for us there was some physical sizing up next to my son. It was uncomfortable and a little intimidating, but very true to Kylo Ren.

Assorted Storm Trooper HelmetsAssorted Storm Trooper Helmets
Kylo Ren Presents An Intense Meet ExperienceKylo Ren Presents An Intense Meet Experience
How Do You Size Up Against Kylo?How Do You Size Up Against Kylo?

Moving deeper into Launch Bay moving towards the Dark Side Gallery, guests may encounter a few locals. The Jawas are in the house and if you have something worthy you may even be able to make a trade with them. I'm told that they really enjoy trading mix and match Droid parts from the Droid Factory over at Tatooine Traders.

I think my favorite things that were on display were probably the Captain Phasma bits. While I tend to think of myself as a light side girl, there is just something about this in charge female Stormtrooper that sparks my imagination. Being up close and personal with elements of her costume it's easy to feel strength and power coming through.

You May Even Find A Jawa To Trade WithYou May Even Find A Jawa To Trade With
Captain Phasma HelmetCaptain Phasma Helmet
Kylo Ren's Light SaberKylo Ren's Light Saber

Launch Bay Cargo is the place for Star Wars collectible gifts. Things in this shop seem to be more geared to the serious Star Wars fans with life-size sculptures, autographed memorabilia, and high-end movie prop replicas are just a few of the things available for you to purchase. The movers in this shop however are personalized Star Wars Name Tags, and a replica of just about lightsaber you want.

Launch Bay Cargo Is The Place For CollectiblesLaunch Bay Cargo Is The Place For Collectibles
The Place To Buy Your Own LightsaberThe Place To Buy Your Own Lightsaber
Launch Bay Cargo TrooperLaunch Bay Cargo Trooper

Have you taken a walk through Star Wars Launch Bay? What did you think about the items on display? Did you enjoy the meet and greets available? Leave a comment below and share your storiesDon't forget to pin this story onto your Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Board!

Galactic Treasures At Star Wars Launch BayGalactic Treasures At Star Wars Launch Bay

Jason Honingford wrote on Tue, 04/25/2017 - 16:29:

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Eh. It's a fancy gift shop while Star Wars land is under construction and they figure out what to put there permanently.

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