Why Walt Disney World Keeps Me Coming Back Year After Year

I'm often asked why I keep vacationing at Walt Disney World year after year. People seem genuinely baffled at how I can go to the same place and not get bored. Their question is always met with a smile and deep breath before launching into my speech of what they're missing out on. Here's a little peek at a few of the reasons that I love Walt Disney World and why I keep returning.

Cinderella CastleCinderella Castle

Nostalgia - I have been traveling to Walt Disney World for 45 years, it's the place my parents took me, after their parents had taken them to Disneyland. The Parks and Resorts are full of memories from my youth. It's also the place that I took my children when they were growing up, and I have loved watching them experience Disney at different stages of their lives. I'm comforted to know that it will be there for them to take their children to enjoy - for my family Walt Disney World is a thread running through generations that has helped to bind us together.

Surprise Christmas Morning Trip When I was 9Surprise Christmas Morning Trip When I was 9

All Ages Welcome - It's been an easy thing to do, maintaining that generational experience, because Walt Disney created a place where all ages could play together. There's no reason for anyone to be left behind on most Disney rides there's a delicate balance of entertainment that hits on different points depending on the viewer. A toddler or teen is going to get something different out of the Jungle Cruise than an adult will, but all of them will have a good time.

Three Generations Of Disney LoversThree Generations Of Disney Lovers

It's More Accessible - Part of all ages being welcome is put into action by the lengths that Disney has gone to in making its entertainment accessible for people with disabilities. There are some serious travel concerns for the disabled, and Disney makes it pretty easy to get around and enjoy the Park experience just like anyone else. I know a lot of people who were upset when Disney changed it's accessibility policies, but the truth is that for many people that struggle with health issues while traveling, Disney makes things easy.

Private Scooter Rental Has Become A Popular ChoicePrivate Scooter Rental Has Become A Popular Choice

Walt Disney World Resort Hotels - I don't stay off property because the wide variety of Disney Hotels have everything I need, all in one spot or within the family of resorts in the area. Disney hotels offer a different theme in each and every location, and that can change the overall feeling of your vacation. From the seaside charm of the Epcot Resorts, to the classic monorail hotels, and the private savanna of Animal Kingdom Lodge Disney has a place to rest, relax, and enjoy your holiday without running yourself crazy.

3 Deluxe Resorts are on the Monorail3 Deluxe Resorts are on the Monorail

Plus Complimentary Transportation - When I stay at a Disney Hotel, I get complimentary transportation to and from the airport, and all over the property. I just sit back and leave the driving to those magical coachmen. This is actually a huge factor in travel planning that I stress over and the fact that Disney takes care of it. Read my previous article on Ten Transportation Tips for Walt Disney World Travel.

Taking The Ferry Is Relaxing and FunTaking The Ferry Is Relaxing and Fun

Disney Vacation Club - I know without a doubt that I'll be a Disney traveler until the day that I die, and my kids will carry on long after that. Because of this, we joined the Disney Vacation Club with its unique booking flexibility and well appointed villas. Disney truly is my home away from home, and we tend to take advantage of all the features that staying in the Villas have to offer from the private lounges, and activity centers, to the full kitchens and in room washer/dryer. Disney has us covered.

Mickey Topiary at Wilderness Lodge VillasMickey Topiary at Wilderness Lodge Villas

Variety of Dining - I've never traveled anywhere that has had such easy access to so many different types of quality restaurants in such convenient locations. Eating well is easy at Walt Disney World, my picky kids always find something they like, and my adventurous eaters are in heaven with the broad variety. In fact, with the allergy friendly mind-set of the Disney Chefs even my friends that suffer from food allergies or must maintain special diet find eating at Walt Disney World pretty easy. While I will admit that the food costs are high both in the Parks and at the Resorts, but issues with quality and service are few and far between. Visit uor friends over at the Disney Food Blog for everything you could ever want to know about what to eat at Disney.

Our favorite bring-home treats!Our favorite bring-home treats!

Many Different Disney Ways - Because the property is so extensive, and the entertainment options so full, Disney travelers know that they can craft many different types of trips all taking place at Walt Disney World. I've done Disney as a girls weekend, with my family, as part of a wedding party, I've camped, I've packed in all the rides in one trip, I've done no rides and spent my vacation enjoying the pool and spa. Disney offers so many ways to customize your experience that there are just too many for me to count. And when you design each of your trips to be unique and fit the desires of who you're traveling with it never gets old.

6th Hole of the Magnolia Course6th Hole of Disney's Magnolia Golf Course

Annual Parities and Festivals - Special events are some of my favorite ways to customize a Disney trip to keep it fresh and Epcot has an ever-rotating line-up of festivals that showcase food, flowers, arts, and cultures from around the world. Add a hard ticket event for a night of your vacation such as the Vey Merry Christmas Party, or the Not So Scary Halloween Party for a special treat. Need some motivation - runDisney events will have you lacing up your track shoes for a truly delightful race that welcomes all levels of participants.

Mickey's Most Merriest Celebration at the Magic KingdomMickey's Most Merriest Celebration at the Magic Kingdom

Finally, Disney offers a level of quality and service that I have trouble finding at many other locations. The joke in my family is that at Disney, even the dirt is clean. All businesses have their hiccups now and again, but the people at Disney have always tried their best to make it things right for me when something has gone wrong. All of those things make me a loyal Disney traveler that returns again and again.

What about you? What keeps you returning to Walt Disney World? Leave a comment below and share your story.

verna wrote on Sat, 12/17/2016 - 11:45:

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Im with ya on that we love disney and go back everyyear for 3 months we are season pass holders from canada

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