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Disney Execs Reminisce About 40 Years

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, and two Disney execs were there for the very first day. Recently, they gave an interview to the Orlando Sentinel about their experiences with the company forty years ago.

VP Phil Holmes, who is still employed with the company, began his career at Disney working at the Haunted Mansion. He recalled the park's first day, saying he was responsible for taking guests' E-tickets (part of a ticket system at the time that dictated which attraction a guest could get in to).

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Rise and Shine for the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show and Rope Drop

When you're vacationing at the Walt Disney World Resort you can choose to sleep in, enjoy a leisurely breakfast, and arrive at your theme park for the day later in the morning. Or you can wake up at the crack of dawn, board an early bus to the Magic Kingdom and be there for the Welcome Show and rope drop.

What To Do on a “No Kids” Day at Epcot

On the few occasions when my husband and I have visited the Magic Kingdom without the kids we always feel a little guilty. But, when we're at Epcot without the kids there is less guilt and a little more "Hey! We're having a grown up day!" That means no waiting in line to meet the characters, no whining about sore feet, and most importantly we can visit attractions WE want to see.

Orlando's Winter Weather

Every year thousands of northerners head south to Florida in an effort to take a break from the cold and snow. After freezing, shoveling, and slipping on the ice, they pack their bags during December, January and February trying to recapture the sun and warmth that they are missing in the cold arctic blasts. However, old man winter can be a cranky guy and the January weather in Florida has become increasingly colder.

Sleeping in vs. getting up early at Disney World

Getting up early vs. sleeping in late at Disney World: it's a long-debated topic, and there's no easy answer. So we've put together a list of pros and cons for each tactic.