Awesome encounter with Disney employee in Canada

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Awesome encounter with Disney employee in Canada

I volunteer on weekends at a local Centre for the Arts here in Sarnia which is open to the public. Today we are part of a regional event called "Doors Open" which invites the public to come and see our centre and tour it.
Anyways, I'm sitting at our reception desk and I overhear a visitor tell one of our other volunteers that she is visiting Sarnia from Orlando, Florida. The mention of Orlando makes my ears perk up and I introduce myself and ask her if she goes to WDW regularly. She laughs and says, "I WORK at Disney", which makes my jaw drop.
I proceed to then embarrass myself by babbling about my love of all things Disney and my co-worker tells the visitor "Dennis is somewhat obsessed about Disney World." Our visitor, who I learn works as a chef at Epcot, has a lengthy discussion with me about her work and my 'obsession'. I show her my computer desktop screen which features Tinker Bell. She offers to give me a 'great tour' of the parks when I get to go to Florida and leaves me her contact information!
Then some real work interrupts and I thank her for the great talk. After dealing with this work, my co-worker tells me the visitor has left something for me, a very cool little Tinker Bell pin that glows! What a great surprise!

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Great story! Once a Disney CM, always a Disney CM. awesome

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Awesome!!!!! How nice of them to leave you Tink and to offer you a tour....Now, you must hurry up and get to WDW so we can hear about it mickey awesome clapping

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Very cool!


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A little amazing Disney magic! Very cool.

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WoW!! That sounds fantastic!! What an awesome CM muchlove


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I too volunteer a lot, and met a character CM who is an incredible singer, dancer, and actress at one of my theater venues. She of course cannot reveal much, but is a tiny little thing, and says she "hangs out with Mickey....."


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That's so awesome!

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Wow that is awesome.




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Nice! See the Magic is everywhere!

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What a great story!

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what a great story. Awesome pin


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On our 25th anniversary trip, we went into the store (forgot the name) near Haunted Mansion that has kitchen items and cookbooks. When I checked out I realized that the CM (both at the counter) were mutes. No kidding! I was totally blown away on how they communicated and transacted purchases with speaking customers. They did have a card with statements on it, but it was so nice to see how Disney includes all into their magic. Upon leaving the park that day, I went to customer service to commend our CMs and the Disney employee(Drunk who had the open mind to hire difference and show the world how we are all one. muchlove
Sadly, when we returned the next year, we didn't see them, but it really struck a chord with me.


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