casey's corner refurb

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casey's corner refurb

I have heard that Casey's corner has had a big refurb and has more outside seating. Does anyone know how this is going? can you go around the back?


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It was still closed when we were there last week of January.

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It was scheduled to be open Feb. 15, but we were there on Feb. 14-16 and there was still a huge wall around all of the new outdoor seating and the restaurant was still closed.

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I was there a couple weeks ago and Casey's was totally closed. You couldn't even use the back entrance. You had to take a different route to get to the Crystal Palace. They said there were serving Hot Dogs somewhere else, though I can't remember where. Perhaps the Tomorrowland Terrace.

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Casey's has reopened!!!! yay The outdoor seating still hasn't opened up yet but there is supposed to be more inside seating. The refurb was extended until Feb 20. The Launching Pad always has hotdogs.