Dining in Liberty Square

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Dining in Liberty Square

If you were going to eat lunch or dinner in Liberty Square at MK, would you prefer Liberty Tree Tavern over Columbia Harbor House? Does one have better food than the other?

I ate at LTT when I was a kid for dinner and it was this huge Thanksgiving feast. Very good. Never ate at Columbia Harbor House yet.

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If it were up to me I would do lunch at Columbia Harbor House and dinner at LTT. CHH is a quick service place with sandwiches like the tuna salad which is GREAT and other items that you do not find normally at MK. LTT on the other hand is a sit down style of rest. which during the evening meal is served family style, delicious and plentiful, however it is no longer a character meal. In other words both great but both different. I think you would like either one.


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CHH has great fish & chips too!

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Fried Shrimp at CHH was excellent and the clam chowder was very good too

Never eaten at LTT but I can see the appeal


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I repeat myself often on this point - I LOVE CHH! We almost always eat there when we're at MK (we often do counter service because of budget.) Awesome fish and chips and chowder. I'm also really anxious to try their lobster roll that they've just added.

Love Liberty Tree too - although it's been a while, and when I go back, I think I'll opt for the a la carte lunch over the family style dinner. But I conistently hear good things about their food, especially the pot roast, turkey, and the burger.

I'm no help at all - I'd eat at both Smile


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Gosh they are so different it's hard to judge. I guess it depends what you are in the mood for. Personally, I love CHH and love to eat there. LTT is good as well but it's such a huge meal usually I just want to go nap afterwards.


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