Disney Food Trucks

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Disney Food Trucks

This may have appeared somewhere earlier....but has anyone heard if the food trucks at DTD are going to be on any of the Dining plans? They sound like they are going to have some interesting and tasty items. Here in Texas, food trucks are a big deal, some of them are even gourmet quality, so I am looking forward to seeing if the ones there stack up to the home town fare.

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As far as I've seen it doesn't look like they do right now. Or at least I don't see the dining plan symbols on the pictures of the menus on the DFB. It does say the coming in the summer there will be a food truck park at DTD so maybe it'll change? I can't wait to try them regardless biggrin

I would love to have my own food truck. I'm not sure how well it'd go here though. I imagine for starters it'd have to be seasonal.

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They are not doing so at the moment, you never know what Disney will do in the future though.

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Well...we will try them regardless if they are on the plan or not laugh Don't know what it is about them....maybe it just brings me back to my childhood when the snowcone truck or ice cream truck would come through the neighborhood...now it's just more of a grown up affair muchlove

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Maybe this is just outdated, but it said on DFB that you could purchase items for 1 QS credit. The article is from before the food trucks appeared so that may have changed.


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Usually, after a restaurant becomes part of the dining plan, the quality goes downhill (ref: Fulton's). So I, for one, don't mind if these food trucks are not part of the dining plan. But that is wishful thinking.



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Got some good pictures of some food trucks this trip.

dscn1561.jpg3.65 MB
dscn1562.jpg3.52 MB
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dscn1564.jpg3.35 MB