no expiration option

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no expiration option

Hey, Guys!

Does anyone have any experience purchasing tickets with the No Expiration option?

Say, for instance, I'm planning to go 2 times in 2 years. Should I buy a 10 day No Exp ticket right off the bat, instead of buying a 5 day ticket two separate times?

Thanks for the advice!

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I think that would be smart if you don't mind spending all that money at once. That way, when ticket prices go up next year, your tickets are already locked in.

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One of my co-workers gets the no expiration tickets for his family. They have a time share off-site and maybe go to the parks 2 or 3 days during the week they are there. They have family in the area plus hit at least one water park. So the 10 day pass lasts them about 3 years. It's worth it for them.

I don't know about getting it when staying on-site. One positive is, with ticket prices increasing each year, you won't be paying higher prices the second year. The one negitive thing I can think of (and it may end up not being a negitive thing) since you'll have your tickets for the second year you won't be able to take advantage of free dining if it's being offered. I haven't done the math so you still may be coming out ahead by going with the 10 day no-exp. tickets and having to pay meals out of your pocket.


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Are you going to do a 5 night in October 2013 and a summer in 2014? I'd say look into the annual pass. It would cover both trips before expiring and you'd get AP perks like room and dine only prices, TiW and the possibility to have surprise visits.
I live in OH and love being a Passholder. Just another option for you biggrin


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Yeah if you are going two times within the same year I have a feeling the pass holder might be a better deal but I guess you would have to do the math....We got the no expiration passes before...we used them on a trip in 2003 and then used up the rest that we had left when we went in 2011 and had no problems that many years later....except for the fact that my inlaws had some no expiration days left on their passes and we were going to combine them all into one pass and use it for one of us because they had annual passes but we weren't allowed. It could only be used for the person it belonged keep that in mind


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Unfortunately, for me to go to WDW, it doesn't make sense to go for anything less than 7 days so those wouldn't be much help but if I knew I was going a few times for shorter periods of time, I would definitely do so!

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If you have shorter trips, yes, the no expiration option can be a great think. I've kicked myself more than once for not doing that. I do however agree that the AP option is the better way to go if your trips will be within 365 days of each other.

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We did the no expiration in 2002, and one thing we found out was they are still good, even with the new pass system and such. They just have to be assigned to the original person. We were gonna use them for our son last year because we had a total of 4 passes for 5 days, so we thought we were covered, but we found out that the original pass has to go to the original person. So that was a bummer.

But like everyone has said.... if you plan on going twice within the same year... I don't think its worth it. I still don't know if the non-expirational is really any good to be honest.


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Recently, we have been going twice a year and have used the no expiration but I think if we do it again we will get an AP. It seems to be a bit cheaper.

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Hmmm....that's good to know, everybody...Really good info!

I may have to go AP after all!

So, you guys are saying that even if I have an AP, I can do the Dining Plan (as long as I stay on property) both times I visit within a year's timefrarme??

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The AP is likely the best option as long as all the park days fall within the 366 days. Right now, the regular AP is slightly cheaper than a 10-day hopper no expire ticket, using current reseller prices and the upgrade trick.

Separate tickets might be a better fit if you don't stay onsite, park hop, or buy/eat on property or the 10 days are split more unevenly over 2 trips (1day/9 days or 2/8 instead of 5/5).

As for the dining plan, I think an AP room-only reservation can be converted into a "ticket-less" package to which you can add the dining plan (package payment/cancel rules then apply). For the free dining offers, you must buy the tickets as part of the package, but you could save them for later use.