SeaWorld Orlando reveals ride details for Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

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SeaWorld Orlando reveals ride details for Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

Saw this article over at the

SeaWorld Orlando unveiled its ride vehicle and other details about its upcoming Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin ride on Tuesday morning.

The saucer-shaped vessel will carry eight passengers to "places you've never seen before," said Brian Morrow, creative director. The announcement was made on the exhibit floor of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions gathering at the Orange County Convention Center.

The Antarctica ride will operate on an industry-first ride system, Morrow said. It combines a mobile simulator platform and a trackless navigation system, he said.

Full story here:,0,5440472.story

Trying to decide if I can get excited about a penguin ride.

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My brother-in-law loves penguins so he would absolutely love this ride! I, on the other hand, would ride it if I found myself at Sea World but don't think I'd make a special trip for it.

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My oldest daughter Tori is all. N for anything having to do with penguins! How exciting for them to be debuting a new ride system too!

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Ok, show of hands of everyone who immediately thought Tom Morrow when the article said "Morrow said"


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Hmmm.... the ride sounds very interesting.


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