What's the first ride you ride when you go to Epcot?

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What's the first ride you ride when you go to Epcot?

We usually head and do Spaceship Earth first and then Test Track usually isn't to far behind


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We always head to Soarin for a fast pass and then it's across to TestTrack.


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Always go to Soarin for a fast pass and will ride it at the same time if by some miracle the queue isn't too long. Then it's over to Mission:Space and Test Track.


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I'd have to confess that 90% of the time the first thing we do when we go into Epcot is head to our ADR! Smile

Spaceship Earth is probably our #1 destination ride-wise. If we're staying for a while we'll pick up a Soarin' Fastpass, but otherwise we just go hit SE.

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Soarin'. Used to be Test Track, but now that's second, then Mission: Space, then SE.

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Ours is Spaceship: Earth then to... wait.... nvm.... already been said......... sad


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