Best Job in Disney World...or the Worst?

I ventured back to Karamell Kuche in Epcot's Germany pavilion recently to pick up some caramel corn. As I was waiting in line I watched one of the cast members there dipping strawberries into the chocolate. I thought to myself: "That must be the best job in the world." I mean it's like working in a rainbow factory or being a unicorn handler. What could be better than spending the day manufacturing pure wonder.

Preparing the StrawberriesPreparing the Strawberries

Karamell Kuche boasts many treats ranging from simple but tasty caramel popcorn to cupcakes and pastries. The theme here being the generous application of caramel to each of them. In fact, I believe the Karamell Kuche crew was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for advancing the cause of peace through excessive caramel. Regardless of whether I just made that up, I can attest that there's quite a bit of caramel flying around in that place.

Dipping the StrawberriesDipping the Strawberries

The strawberry dipper coats each piece of fruit into chocolate and puts it on a big tray to dry. They then add a helping of caramel to it as required by German law. The result is a delicious tartness from the strawberry offset by the intense sweetness of the chocolate and caramel. What a great job to get to make these!

Excess Chocolate (if such a thing exists)Excess Chocolate (if such a thing exists)

Unfortunately as I pressed my nose to the glass to drool over these wonders, I realized that this job may in fact be the worst job in "the World." Much as a pane of glass was preventing me from gobbling up the whole batch of strawberries, this poor soul must spend the whole day creating these beauties but not eating them. What torture!

A Tray of TemptationA Tray of Temptation

I can only hope that when they take their breaks in the back they all roll around in giant mountains of chocolate, caramel and frosting. Otherwise it must be quite a test of will to endure such a job.

The Final ProductThe Final Product

Mase wrote on Fri, 03/25/2011 - 13:13:

Mase's picture

Yum.................... I need to go back to Disney... November is taking way too long.......

caitiesus wrote on Fri, 03/25/2011 - 14:58:

caitiesus's picture

Yum. Seriously - that place is enough of a reason to go to Disney World. Caramel and I get along VERY well!

WyckedPhoenix wrote on Sat, 03/26/2011 - 04:41:

WyckedPhoenix's picture

Those look amazing! Chocolate strawberries are one of my favorite desserts!

Tracy A. wrote on Sun, 03/27/2011 - 14:05:

Tracy A.'s picture

'working in a rainbow factory or being a unicorn handler'--i LOVE it! ha! i checked out Karamell Kuche on my last trip--it was on my 'not to be missed' list. I've never had better caramel corn, but unfortunately i missed out on the strawberries. next time, for sure!

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