New Retailers and Restaurants Announced for Disney Springs

A slate of high profile, nationally recognized retailers is coming to Disney Springs including Lilly Pulitzer, PANDORA, and Tommy Bahama. A total of 13 new tenants was recently announced by Walt Disney World Resort, including eight retail stores and five new restaurants.

13 new tenants announced for Disney Springs13 new tenants announced for Disney Springs

Once the transformation to Disney Springs is complete the area will be 1 million square feet in size with four distinct neighborhoods.

The eight new retail stores coming to Disney Springs are: Zara, a clothing store; Tommy Bahama, the iconic island lifestyle brand; Lilly Pulitzer, the American resort wear brand; UNIQLO, a casual apparel store; PANDORA Jewelry; UGG, the footwear store; L'Occitane en Provence, a skincare and beauty shop; and Edward Beiner, an eyewear retailer.

The newly announced restaurants are: Edison, inspired by The Edison in Los Angeles; Sprinkles, the world's first cupcake bakery with a cupcake ATM; Blaze Fast Fire'd Pizza, known for custom-built artisanal pizza and blood orange lemonade; Vivoli Gelateria, a gelto shop; and Tea Traders Cafe by Joffrey's.

These establishments will join the already-opened spots including The BOATHOUSE; Erwin Pearl, a jewelry store; APEX by Sunglass Hut; Chapel Hats; Art of Shaving; Sanuk, a footwear store; Sound Lion; Havaianas; and Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC.

This fall guests will also see the opening of Morimoto Asia, STK Orlando, and Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar.

Disney Springs is scheduled for completion in 2016.

Which of the new stores and restaurants are you most excited about at Disney Springs? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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L. Procter wrote on Tue, 05/19/2015 - 13:11:

L. Procter's picture

I'd like to see unique shops in Disney Springs - not the same old chain stores that can be found in any mall.

Theresa McCabe wrote on Tue, 05/19/2015 - 13:20:

Theresa McCabe's picture

We were just there is just way TOO BIG!!! I HATED IT!!! There's nothing really "SPECIAL" about it anymore!!! Instead of an enjoyable "Downtown DISNEY" experience, what you have is an outside SHOPPING MALL!!! If they wanted to do something like this, they should have put it somewhere else and left the WONDERFUL Downtown Disney...ALONE!!! Some of us are NOT into the MEGA MALLS with all the shopping, that we can do ANYWHERE while on our vacation. The unique stores in the smaller area was...WONDERFUL and now, that's...GONE!!! I am NOT at all happy!!! Bigger is NOT always better!!! WHY did they have to RUIN a WONDERFUL place???

Jeanne Gormley wrote on Tue, 05/19/2015 - 13:36:

Jeanne Gormley's picture

I absolutely agree. Downtown Disney was a fun place to go and walk around and have fun. I loved Pleasure Island and I do understand it was not kid friendly and they were having problems with it but to change the entire area to a "fancy shopping" mall area is not magical.

Linda wrote on Tue, 05/19/2015 - 14:30:

Linda's picture

We were there two weeks ago - didn't even go to DD. The construction, the traffic - I know it is necessary, but we just figured we'll go at a later time. I am interested in SEEING the new things, but seriously - after spending all the money for a Disney vacation I am not looking for high-end shopping! And how about some more reasonable dining options?

Lisa wrote on Tue, 05/19/2015 - 16:01:

Lisa's picture

What's Disney about it? I agree if I wanted a mall I would go to one. Don't mind the sprinkles cupcakes that's something you can pick up a treat and walk with. But what makes the shops a Disney experience? Should have thought about something else....

Jackie Booth wrote on Tue, 05/19/2015 - 16:36:

Jackie Booth's picture

i agree with the previous comments and would also like more affordable eaterys.
My biggest concern though is getting in and out and parking.
The last time I went to Downtown Disney not only was the traffic very bad cause of
Construction, the parking situation was horrible. If they take part of the parking for shops I hope they have a plan for parking for the people that go there. If
It doesn't improve I will stay away.

Carol Brennan wrote on Tue, 05/19/2015 - 16:59:

Carol Brennan's picture

I couldn't agree more with Teresa McCabe! Spoiled the Downtown Disney atmosphere! We don't need dozens of places to buy expensive stuff or fancy restaurants whose food is not worth the prices!! You're making it too large for comfort and fun! Not looking forward to the new establishments; not excited for any of the new stores. Just making it too commercial!!

Holly wrote on Tue, 05/19/2015 - 20:09:

Holly's picture

Not excited! Orlando is full of high end shopping, why was more needed at Disney? This does not make it anymore kid friendly than Pleasure Island and these are not stores that appeal to everyone. I'm only 2 and half hours from Orlando/Kissimmee and would go to Downtown Disney every trio to Orlando whether I went to a park or not in order to still be in the magical atmosphere... it sounds like I stead of that atmosphere I'll now just be visiting another mall!

Coleen wrote on Tue, 05/19/2015 - 23:33:

Coleen's picture

the high end stores can be found at the Orlando area Malls like, Millenia or Florida Mall. Why do this to downtown Disney? I thought it was supposed to be more family friendly? The restaurants are good but I was hoping the shops would be more unique and stand alone. Love the Sanuk and Haviannas stores because they are reasonable and different...Lilly Pulitzer really for DD?

Kristen K. wrote on Thu, 05/21/2015 - 15:21:

Kristen K.'s picture

Hi all!! - While I understand your point of view (I'm not a mall girl) they needed to expand because of the high amount of traffic that Downtown Disney gets from local traffic. It's not only a destination for the out of town guests anymore and that impacts overall guest experience. The expansion allows enough space for both locals and travelers to enjoy.

As to why adding non-Disney stores? Again, it comes down to the fact that Downtown Disney is not just a tourist location, more high end stores keep the locals that come to enjoy the entertainment and restaurants in the area and spending money.

There's also one other thing to consider - not everyone who travels to Walt Disney World comes from a location that has big malls with high end retailers near them. We're not all lucky enough to live in urban centers that have access to this sort of merchandise. I personally live about an hour and a half away from the nearest mall with an Apple Store. I don't even know where I could go to visit a Lilly Pulitzer, or Tommy Bahama. For me shopping is a fun and relaxing day in my vacation because I can find things that I can't get anywhere else.

The new Disney Springs gives travelers and locals alike a place to spend the day shopping, dining, and being entertained out in the sun without having the high cost of just walking into a theme park. It helps to create a more complete vacation destination.

Plus - Sprinkles and Edison - I'm ready to get in line right now!!

Jan wrote on Wed, 03/16/2016 - 14:52:

Jan's picture

Lily Pulitzer is the only thing on here that is even current! Why not have a Vinyard Vines? An LL Bean? Why not a Southern Proper or Southern Tide?

When was the last time you saw someone go into a Tommy Bahama? What is this 1997?

I just don't get putting in a bunch of old failing shops. Makes no sense.

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