allergy-friendly menus


Allergy-Friendly Menus Coming to Quick Service and Table Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World

The Walt Disney World Resort has started to introduce allergy-friendly menus at nearly 120 quick service and table service locations. The menus were being rolled out at the table service restaurants on April 14 and will be at other table service and quick service spots by September.


Six Walt Disney World Things I'm Thankful For

There is not a time in my memory that I wasn't a Disney traveler. I raised my kids on Disney trips, just like my parents took me, and their parents took them to Disneyland. Walt Disney World, and the opportunities that it has given me, are things that I am truly thankful for. While it's easy to be nostalgic and emotional about Disney, I also know that there are many very quantifiable reasons that my diverse family keeps returning to Disney Parks over and over again. Below are six Walt Disney World things that I am exceptionally thankful for.