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Walt Disney World Resort is Mapped to Find the Best Wireless Signals

It's happened to most of us at some time. We're enjoying our day at the Walt Disney World Resort and we want to share photos via social media but our wireless signal is SO SLOW. Apparently, according to a recent performance study, it might be our wireless provider that's the problem.

Walt Disney World Resort Cast Members Reunite Guest with Lost Teddy Bear

If you're looking for a heartwarming story with a side of Disney Parks magic, this is it.

The Disney Parks Blog recently told the story of a girl named Brooklyn Andrews and her lost teddy bear.

Brooklyn is the owner of a teddy bear given to her by her dad when she was 3 years old. Her dad was a member of the United States National Guard and had purchased the bears as gifts for his kids before he deployed to Iraq. The bears even featured a recorded "I love you" message from Tony.

Study Shows Disney Has Biggest Reach When it comes to Social Media Engagement

In this day and age, it's safe to say that social media is where it's at when it comes to engaging with fans and a recent study shows that Disney is doing it right.

Using a platform they designed, the Dachis Group examines volume of content, impressions, interactions, and consumer enjoyment levels and uses the information to asses a company's social ecosystem.

New Alternate Reality Game ‘The Optimist’ Allows Participants to Explore Walt Disney’s Vision of Tomorrow

If you ever wanted to know what it might be like to be part of a secret project that involves solving a mystery based on Walt Disney's plans for tomorrow, then there's a new alternate reality game just for you.

New Facebook Game From Disney's Playdom and NBA Digital

This past Wednesday marked the launching of NBA Dynasty, the new Facebook game from NBA Digital and Disney's Playdom. This social media game marks Playdom's first game involving a professional sports team.

The game revolves around Facebook players being able to build their ultimate "dream team" by choosing from basketball players from today and in NBA history dating to 1946. Gamers are able to compete with other friends as well as go up against NBA stars and NBA championship teams.

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Why More and More Women Are Signing Up to runDisney

Women-only running events (95% or greater female) are on the rise, with over 200 events in 2011. Women of all ages, all shapes and sizes, and all athletic abilities are coming together to take on the challenge of conquering a long distance run. There is a sense of camaraderie and a lack of inhibition at these events that have women flocking to run.

Disney World, GoWalla and you

Do you GoWalla? Disney Parks and GoWalla have joined together in an unprecedented partnership -- it's what many are calling a "major win" for the location-based service.